Will He Leave You For Another Woman?

Will He Leave You For Another Woman?

5 Signs You Can Look For Today

One of the uppermost questions in your mind when you find out your husband is cheating on you is “Will he leave me for her?”The answer depends on how close he and his mistress have become, what kind of person she is, what stage the affair is in and what he stands to lose or gain.

Certain signs of infidelitycan tell you whether his relationship with the other woman is just a fling or a serious affair.Below are a few of the signs which indicate that he’s likely to leave you for her.

1. He has a heavy financial investment in her or in the affair.

If you find the kind of financially-related signs of infidelity which indicate that he’s paying her rent, mortgage, car note, utilities or credit card bills; or is regularly depositing money into her bank account, the situation does not look good.If he’s dipping into family funds to finance or maintain his affair with her, it’s a serious matter.The affair has reached the point where he’s willing to jeopardize the financial well-being of his family.

2. He begins to distance himself from you, your family and mutual friends.

This distancing from you can manifest itself in many ways. He no longer wants to go places or do things with you ““ even things the two of you enjoyed doing together before.He makes excuses or flat out refuses to attend family gatherings with you or socialize with mutual friends.By gradually removing himself from your world, he’s laying the ground work for becoming more firmly entrenched in hers.

3. He spends holidays, weekends or takes regular vacations with her.

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The frequency and duration of the time he spends with his mistress can be a sign that he’s planning to leave.Holidays, weekends and vacation time are traditionally reserved for family. Most cheating husbands and their mistresses know and observe this — whether they’re experienced cheaters or new at the game.If he’s spending couple or family time with his mistress, their relationship has advanced far beyond the point of being a fling ora casual affair.

4. He and his mistress share a common passion.

The quality of the time he spends with his mistress is an equally important clue.If he and his mistress have many interests in common or share a common passion ““ golf, foreign films, horseback riding, photography, stamp or coin collecting, or whatever hobby or pastime is near and dear to his heart — it increases the likelihood that he will leave you for her.If he is doing all the fun things in his life with her, instead of you, that further strengthens the bonds between them and increases his desire to be with her.

5. He has bonded emotionally with her.

When was the last time he shared his inner thoughts with you,or discussed an important goal he wants to achieve? If he’s confiding in his mistress rather than in you, the situation is very gave indeed.If she’s the first person he calls when something important happens in his life — good or bad, he’s forgedan unbreakable emotional bond with her, and you have ceased to be a priority in his life. When things reach the point where she knows more than you do about his hopes, dreams, fears and future plans, and he depends on her for emotional support, it’s just a matter of time before he leaves you for her.


If you’re not seeing these or similar signs, it could mean one of two things — either it’s not a serious affair, or you have caught the affair in the early stages.Either way, you need to take positive action because the longer the affair continues, the greater the risk that it will turn serious later on.The bonds he has with his mistress will usually strengthen overtime.

It also advantageous to know who his mistress is,so make it your business to find out.Go to
CheatingSpousePhoneSearch.com or CheatingSpouseEMailSearch.com if you need to trace a phone number or an e-mail address to find out her name.Once you have her name, go to CheatingSpouseBackgroundCheck.com and run a background check to find out as much as you can about her.If she’s married or has children,that complicates matters for your husband and makes it less likely that he’ll leave you for her ““ even if you find one or more of the signs above. If she has a criminal background, a questionable past, a reputation for being a home wrecker or a gold digger, bringing this to your husband’s attention may keep him from making a terrible mistake.

That’s why it’s so important for you to find out about the affair while it’s still in the early stage.You’ll have time to take positive action before it reaches the point of no return. While the affair is in it’s infancy, you have a valuable window of opportunity to get your marriage back on track.If your marriage can’t be saved, or you’d rather not even try, you’ll at least have the opportunity to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for what’s to come.

Knowing in advance that your husband might leave gives you ample time to put legal and financial safeguards in place before he surprises you with divorce papers, or simply moves in with her.

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