It’s been said that healing isn’t linear. Well, we’ve found that sometimes the divorce process isn’t, either.

In our years helping families, we’ve found that couples often need access to mediators, financial experts, and a variety of educational resources — to help them navigate the process with kindness and fairness. And oftentimes, the expense of divorce can be overwhelming. But we believe a kinder divorce should not be cost-prohibitive.

Increased Support, Affordability

To help provide the necessary support to families, Wevorce offers a monthly subscription rather than a large flat-fee, single payment. With a subscription, you can go at your own pace and keep cost control in your own hands.

You can get started with the Wevorce subscription model for $949 during the first month, then $199 each following month for as long (or as little) as you need. This includes up to three hours of mediation per month, and documents for your state and county are included. Learn more by visiting our Product Pricing page. Please stay tuned as we roll out additional services in the coming weeks.

Our Children and the Air We Breathe: Co-Parenting Workshop

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to co-parent with grace — even while divorcing and separating lives, you’re not alone. Next week, we will be holding a co-parenting workshop in our Boise offices — designed to help co-parents reframe our thoughts and actions so as to focus on our children and their future. 

This will be a time to learn from a professional how to parent (and co-parent) honestly and kindly. You will have the opportunity to sample ideas and guidance and be challenged to focus on what works and to overcome events you may find difficult as a single parent and a co-parent.

This event is free to attend (either in-person or via a Facebook live stream), but please RSVP here.

We invite you to join us in helping to provide a better legacy for the next generation.