Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Wevorce?

Wevorce is the front page of heartbreak with over one million families coming to our site each year for our unlimited advice. Wevorce specializes in offering family-focused, respectful out-of-court solutions for families. 

Wevorce’s software and five step approach have helped settle more divorces than anyone else in the country. Their high-tech and high-touch approach allows families to settle their divorce online and at their own pace. They connect families to a Private Judge™ when they are ready to finalize their divorce from their own home with 100 percent privacy.

What is a Wevorce Private Judge™?

A Wevorce Private Judge is an arbitrator who brings at least 15 years of experience to your divorce. They have completed our certification course and maintain a higher customer service rating than Apple. 

Our Private Judges are best-in-class when it comes to offering you a high-tech and high-touch divorce experience. The result is the fastest and most affordable out-of-court solution available today. Private Judges are beholden to the law, yet remain impartial to resolve issues between you and your spouse. With a Wevorce Private Judge you can skip the courthouse and keep the kindness.

How is a Wevorce Private Judge™ different from a traditional judge?

A Wevorce Private Judge has similar experience to a traditional judge – they are just more cutting edge and specialize in amicable divorces rather than divorce litigation. Our Private Judges are trained in the latest technology, neuroscience and behavioral science, non-violent communication techniques, finance, tax implications and the law. They can respectfully finalize your divorce outside of a courtroom from the privacy of your own home, often within as little as 30 days. 

A traditional judge presides over divorce litigation proceedings reviewing motions, ordering hearings and conducts long, drawn out divorce trials. A traditional judge manages a heavy caseload and it can take them years to finalize a divorce.

Traditional judges focus on highly contentious family disputes where people need a judge, and often law enforcement, to order them how to parent or manage their finances. Wevorce Private Judges only work with families who seek alternative ways to address change and express disagreements to settle their divorce out-of-court and create sustainable, healthy co-parenting relationships.

How is a Private Judge™ different from a lawyer?

A lawyer is trained in litigation and civil procedure; they take sides and assign blame. They measure success in court wins and billable hours. A lawyer drives your legal strategy, files motions, obtains discovery, and takes you and your family through the local courthouse procedures for what can end up being years of your life. 

Our Wevorce Private Judges may be trained and have experience as a lawyer, judge, paralegal, or mediator. They understand that although divorce has legal implications, it is not a legal problem. Wevorce Private Judges charge flat fees so you know what to expect from the beginning. They use the latest technology and receive more training than a lawyer in neuro and behavioral science, financial and tax implications, child development, co-parenting techniques, and ― most importantly ― kindness. They are dedicated to guiding your family through this chapter as quickly and painlessly as possible.

How does Wevorce save us money?

Wevorce has made a science out of divorcing families as quickly and affordably as possible. You begin for free going at your own pace in our software, using our 5-step approach to settle your divorce with unlimited access to lawyers, counselors and financial professionals to provide the support you need when you need it. We offer a flat fee so you know what your divorce will cost up front, and with all of this expertise behind you – you save time and money getting your divorce done right the first time.

Do I need a lawyer?

Wevorce offers unlimited support of lawyers, counselors and financial professionals so you will be thoroughly prepared for meeting with your Private Judge.

Will Wevorce file my divorce documents?

Your Wevorce Private Judge will issue a divorce award to you which may then be confirmed at your local courthouse. Your Private Judge will walk you through the options and will help coordinate local filings.

How long has Wevorce been in business?

Wevorce started in 2012 and was the first company to offer high-tech mediation and arbitration services.

How many divorces has Wevorce settled?

With over one million families coming to Wevorce each year, we have revolutionized the online divorce market with our software and 5-step process that has divided over $600 million in assets. The fastest Wevorce in history took less than two hours, but most of our families finish within 90 days. See what some of these happy Wevorce families have to say about us.

What other resources does Wevorce provide?

In addition to providing you with a dedicated Private Judge™ you will have access to a number of tools, including our Ask a Question feature, calculators, quizzes, blog, podcast, videos, emails, a community forum, and tons of expert-written articles. There’s no need to spend late nights online searching for easy-to-understand answers to your questions or support through your journey, it’s all here.

What is a private divorce?

A private divorce is when a couple uses Wevorce’s online software and 5-step process to reach the terms of their settlement before meeting with a Private Judge. This keeps your divorce confidential, not a matter of public record. It’s faster and less costly than traditional divorce, and it emphasises family-led decisions, respect, and kindness.

How do I know if Wevorce will work for my divorce?

If you are your spouse do not need a court order to tell you how to behave towards each other, you both want to settle your divorce quickly, respectfully and out-of-court, then Wevorce will work for you. If you are still unsure, Take our quiz to find out.

How much does a Wevorce private divorce cost?

You can try us for a week free, no credit card required. You’ll receive 30 days of service, if you need more time, you can coordinate next steps with your Private Judge.

How do I opt out of Wevorce emails?

Just click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email or call, chat or email us at

How do I create a Wevorce account?

Click the Get Started button in the upper right hand of the home page and follow the instructions to create your own account.

Does my spouse create a separate account? How do we link them?

Once you have logged into the software you will be prompted to invite your spouse. You can use our template or draft a custom invitation to email to them. Once they receive their invite they can create their own account and begin working with you to review and finalize your settlement.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Click the Login button in the upper right corner of the home page, next click the I forgot my password link and enter your email address, then hit Submit password reset and we’ll send you the instructions to reset your password.

Who do I contact if I’m having trouble using the site?

Chat, call or email us at with any questions you have.

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Need advice or answers?

No matter what stage your relationship is in or what troubles you face, our experts are available to provide you with answers.

Hear From Our Customers


“Wevorce changed my life.”

— Steve Huffman

        CEO & Founder Reddit



“Several sites, including Rocket Lawyer, 3 StepDivorce,, will help with preparing legal documents to file with the court, but we weren’t ready for that.  Wevorce helped us come up with a plan for us, our kids, money and stuff.” 

— Christina Wood

        Reporter for Family Circle



“These guys wanted us to get along in a way that was healing for everyone in the family so we could move onto our next chapter.”

— Nora Gibson

       Good Morning America Interview