What Is a Private Judge™?

Your partner in a fast, kind uncoupling.
Private Judges offer a scientific, civilized and fast divorce that modern families deserve.

Ready to become a certified private judge?

If you’re an attorney, judge, counselor, financial professional or mediator, apply to become a Wevorce Private Judge.

We’re Here To Help

Certified Private Judges are whole-hearted facilitators, mediators and arbitrators, with a minimum of 3 years experience who are dedicated to Changing Divorce for Good®.  

You and your spouse settle your divorce online and agree to hire a Certified Private Judge to make the same decisions a judge can to quickly move you and your family beyond problems to solutions.  

Private Judges harness the emotional, financial and legal aspects inherent in every divorce to accelerate a peaceful divorce within 30 days.

Hear From Our Customers


“Wevorce changed my life.”

— Steve Huffman, CEO & Founder Reddit



“Several sites, including Rocket Lawyer, 3 StepDivorce, LegalZoom.com, will help with preparing legal documents to file with the court, but we weren’t ready for that.  Wevorce helped us come up with a plan for us, our kids, money and stuff.” 

— Christina Wood, Reporter for Family Circle



“These guys wanted us to get along in a way that was healing for everyone in the family so we could move onto our next chapter.”

— Nora Gibson, Good Morning America Interview