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Physical Intimacy After Divorce: A Cause for Nervousness or Joy?

After your divorce, there will come a time when you start thinking about having a sexual relationship with someone new. This can be an exciting time for new singles. It can also feel a little uncomfortable. Sex with someone new after going so...

How to Save Your Relationship After Cheating

Happy relationships that go on for years are becoming harder to achieve. And the problem of a cheating partner — or even both partners — can seriously damage or even destroy your marriage. Extramarital affairs can be both embarrassing and...

5 Ways to Reduce Financial Strain on a Marriage When Buying a Home

Let’s face it; the stress of buying a home can be enough to push the happiest couple to their edge. This stress compounds when you’re already working through the most raw, sensitive areas of your life with your partner. That doesn’t mean...

A Single Mom’s Must-Read Child Custody Guide

Divorce doesn’t have to strip your parental rights from you. Whether you’re married or not, you — and your child — have certain rights that survive a marital split. If you've suddenly found yourself a single parent, it wouldn’t be...

Does Your Pet Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce can be hard for everyone — you, your former spouse, your kids, and even your pets. They may not be able to express themselves but if they could, your furry babies would not want to see any of their parents go. Just like with child...

How Men Handle Divorce

In decades past, it has generally been assumed that women experience more pain during a divorce. However, more and more studies show that this is not entirely true. Dealing with a divorce can be as painful for men as it is for women —...

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