Michelle’s Story

A note from our CEO and founder, Michelle Crosby, on why she’s Changing Divorce for Good™.

Hi, I am Michelle, a private judge, a former family law attorney, a divorcee, and a child of a two-household family. For many years I was stuck in the middle of my parents’ ongoing divorce battle and remember exactly how it felt. In particular, the defining moment when I was nine years old and found myself in court, on the stand, being asked, “If you were stranded on a desert island, which parent would you want to live with?”

This was the catalyst for pursuing a career as an attorney. As I had yearned for peace in my own family, I desired this for others, thinking I could change the impact divorce had on families. It is during my experience as a practicing family law attorney I discovered just how broken the court system is.

I’ve witnessed clients whose initial conflict with a spouse had escalated to an ongoing legal battle. Families were destroyed, emotionally and financially, often at the cost of their children’s well-being. You see, attorneys are trained (and legally required) to zealously advocate for clients, and law firms are not in the business of settlement.

Once I realized I would be unable to truly make a difference within the old-school confines of the legal field itself, I jumped headfirst into the start-up world and went to YCombinator. This venue allowed me the freedom to create a unique approach; one that dared to advocate peaceful coexistence during, and even after, divorce. I believed that the power to define the terms of your relationship should be given back to families and designed a step-by-step process to address the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of ending a marriage.

The result is Wevorce, an innovative divorce solution that puts a premium on privacy, respect, and your family’s well-being. It’s a high tech and high touch solution where Wevorce Private Judges can settle your divorce on your terms and your schedule. They keep the details of your private life out of the courtroom and off of public record. Unlike divorce attorneys, our Private Judges are in the business of settlement, and we are Changing Divorce for Good.

Michelle Crosby, Founder & CEO

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“Wevorce changed my life.”

— Steve Huffman

        CEO & Founder Reddit



“Several sites, including Rocket Lawyer, 3 StepDivorce, LegalZoom.com, will help with preparing legal documents to file with the court, but we weren’t ready for that.  Wevorce helped us come up with a plan for us, our kids, money and stuff.” 

— Christina Wood

        Reporter for Family Circle



“These guys wanted us to get along in a way that was healing for everyone in the family so we could move onto our next chapter.”

— Nora Gibson

       Good Morning America Interview