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Michelle Crosby

Michelle Crosby

Founder & CEO

Michelle Crosby is a private judge, public speaker and author whose work has been honored by the American Bar Association as a Legal Rebel and Top Innovator and featured on Good Morning America, Fox Business News, New York Times, People Magazine, and Forbes. 

Michelle received her training from the Harvard Negotiation Institute and is an accomplished arbitrator, mediator, former attorney, and founder of Wevorce, a company that brings a high-tech, high-touch approach to divorce. 

Wevorce now helps millions of families each year to maintain their roles as parents. The proven methodology and technology work together seamlessly to provide a civilized approach to transition from one household into two. 

Though Michelle’s expertise spans business law, securities law, and family law, her passion is teaching others how to overcome challenges creatively and collaboratively.  Michelle has led thousands of negotiations for clients ranging from Fortune 1000 corporations to couples in the midst of divorce. The lessons she’s learned, along with her extensive research on human behavior and the law, provide a rich backdrop for inspiring and empowering others to become changemakers in their own lives. 

Outside of the office Michelle can be found riding her horses, finding her way to laughter with family and friends, and walking in the foothills with the world’s cutest Pug and French bulldog.

Wevorce Clerk

Wevorce Clerk

Wevorce Clerk

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"Wevorce changed my life."

— Steve Huffman

        CEO & Founder Reddit



“Several sites, including Rocket Lawyer, 3 StepDivorce,, will help with preparing legal documents to file with the court, but we weren’t ready for that.  Wevorce helped us come up with a plan for us, our kids, money and stuff.” 

— Christina Wood

        Reporter for Family Circle



“These guys wanted us to get along in a way that was healing for everyone in the family so we could move onto our next chapter.”

— Nora Gibson

       Good Morning America Interview