price·​less | \ ˈprīs-ləs: 
having a value beyond any price; costly because of rarity or quality

Wevorce makes divorce human, replacing negotiation and transaction with understanding and resolution.

 A Concierge Divorce  Priceless!

  • On Demand Support
  • A Community of Experts in Action
  • Private
  • Data Driven & Civilized Approach
  • Save Money
  • Reduce Stress

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Each Session is a master class demonstration of the insights and inspiration needed to create change.

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Is the Price Right?

Wevorce is one-third the cost, eleven times faster, and 100 percent more peaceful than traditional divorce. We offer a platinum experience for those who want more professional interventions without the legal battles, the average divorce $27,000 in legal fees. With this in mind, we’ve priced Wevorce so you begin again with peace of mind knowing what it will cost up front. You’ll pay a one-time fee of $1,725 per person without kids and $2,925 per person with kids.  

One Week Trial for Free?

We know – it sounds too good to be true. Our proprietary software has settled more divorces than anyone else in the country, we’ve figured out how to get documents into 3,142 courthouses across the country, and we know the business of divorce. We’ve helped settle more than $400M in assets and kept our Wevorce kids out of court. We have created over 200,000 pieces of content to share with you and 100’s of coaching videos which we curate for you based on your Divorce Archetype™ profile. Interested? Get started today.

What Makes Wevorce Different From the Other Online Services?

We’ve developed a high-tech and high-touch approach so you can settle your divorce completely out-of-court in as little as 30 days. You and your spouse agree that you’ll hire a private judge, called an arbitrator, to make the same decisions as if a judge had made them – just faster and more peacefully.

Make Your Next Chapter Happier by Ending to Your Marriage Amicably.

Begin again with peace of mind.

You’re probably wondering if this is possible. Can we really control how we end our marriage? The simple answer is yes, it is possible and can be done. But only if you are committed to making it happen.

At Wevorce we believe you can end a marriage without lawyering up, going to court, and stressing your family with the drama and anger. We know how to do it, our years on the frontline of heartbreak our school of learning. No one has settled more divorces than we have, our never ending struggle to find the right path to benefit the next family, and the next. It’s never done, just better.

You’ve come this far because you want to do what’s right for your family.

  • You want to avoid a drawn-out process and end your marriage with respect. 
  • As parents you want to lessen the impact on your children and are on the same page when it comes to custody and child support. 
  • You and your spouse communicate well and are in agreement on how to divide your marital finances.

There may be doubt as you look at the cost. It’s true, you have a lot of cheaper options, DIY solutions that cover a wide range of prices. Would it surprise you to learn that most of these options are basically the same service? A service with questionable security that sends your personal data out-of-country for the documents to be prepared?

Mistakes can be costly, not only to your finances but to your health and well-being.

The Wevorce 5-step process works. For years we’ve navigated the trenches of the court system, doing battle county to county to find a better way to help our families. In the end, we determined the answer couldn’t be found within a broken system and now offer the opportunity to work with a Private Judge to finalize marriage modifications quickly and privately.

We understand how easy it was to say yes to the ring, the gown and the wedding. You were in love, taking those first joyful steps as a married couple together into your happily-ever-after life. Never did you imagine it would come to this. Now, you must ask yourself the tough questions and figure out what is the right step to take now.

Take it with Wevorce – the right way, the only way.

Is a Private Divorce Right For You?

Spend two minutes taking our divorce quiz and you’ll know if it’s time to end your marriage.

30-Day Divorce

Many states and locales require a waiting period once you decide to divorce. With a Wevorce Private Judge™ you can complete your divorce in as little as 30 days.