Wevorce Private Judge

Stay out of court and in your comfort zone.
Private Judges are no longer a privilege of the rich and famous. You, too, can bypass public legal proceedings.
Michelle Crosby

When it comes to divorce, Wevorce Private Judges have seen it all.

They know that 98% of families don’t need a courthouse to make changes in their relationships. Private Judges let you set the pace as you complete the five-step process that has settled more divorces than anyone else in the country.   

When you are ready, your Private Judge will meet with you to finalize your divorce from the comfort of your own home — no public records, no courthouses — just your divorce designed by you and supported by your Private Judge.

Hear From Our Customers


“Wevorce changed my life.”

— Steve Huffman, CEO & Founder Reddit



“Several sites, including Rocket Lawyer, 3 StepDivorce, LegalZoom.com, will help with preparing legal documents to file with the court, but we weren’t ready for that.  Wevorce helped us come up with a plan for us, our kids, money and stuff.” 

— Christina Wood, Reporter for Family Circle



“These guys wanted us to get along in a way that was healing for everyone in the family so we could move onto our next chapter.”

— Nora Gibson, Good Morning America Interview