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Wevorce removes pain, time and expense from divorce.

How it Works

Welcome to Wevorce. We're glad you found us. You're not alone. Wevorce's mission is to replace outdated divorce practices with a kindhearted solution that's less damaging to couples, their finances and their children. Wevorce...

Has a 98% success rate
Takes 1/3 of the time
Is 1/4 of the cost
Is 100% satisfaction guaranteed

"The current divorce system is broken. Here's why I've dedicated my life to fixing it."

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Hire a Virtual Divorce Expert
Our trained Wevorce-certified experts are here to help. Ask a question and we'll connect you with someone great.
See a Divorce Checklist
You're certain you want a divorce but don't know where to start? View this free Divorce Checklist to illuminate the process.
Watch "Before You Divorce" Webinar
What legal, financial and emotional implications can you expect? Listen to Wevorce founder Michelle Crosby's guidance for clarity.
Learn Your Divorce Rights
Use this complimentary, comprehensive guide to help you understand and defend your rights.
Practice How To Tell Your Spouse
Open communication is tough but essential. Prepare for your conversation using this resource.

Virtual Divorce Expert
Divorce Checklist
Divorce Rights Guide
How to Tell Your Spouse

How Wevorce Works

Step 1
Discover Your Divorce Archetype
Step 1 customizes your optimal divorce roadmap to protect both spouses, the children and all assets.
Step 2
Create a Parenting Plan
Step 2 transitions one household into two, and anticipates parenting decisions that might arise from infant to young adult.
Step 3
Select a Financial Management Plan
Step 3: Determine the value of all assets and debts, how to divide them, and how to compute your financial future.
Step 4
Complete your Wevorce
Step 4 prepares all legal documents for review, signature and filing, and includes a separation ceremony for a truly amicable good-bye.
Step 5
Begin Again
Step 5 gives you the closure and confidence needed to embrace the next chapter of your life.