When it Comes to Divorce, We Help You GET IT RIGHT.

Save money. Save time. Save your relationships.

Protect what matters to you. Wevorce connects you with certified divorce experts to address the emotional, financial and legal issues of your divorce affordably and effectively.

  • Communication Guarantee

    Get access to a team of personal finance, parenting & other experts when you need them, guaranteed.

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    Our team knows what you need for a successful divorce. They’re screened, trained and supported to serve you.

  • In-Office or Online

    Wevorce lets you control your divorce. Meet in-person, via video conference, or not at all — whichever is more convenient.

Client Stories

  • “We had both heard horror stories about screaming across attorney’s tables and this seemed like a much more cordial way to end our marriage. I think it would have been drastically different had we gone the traditional route. I’m thankful that we didn’t." - MK

  • "Overall I thought the impartiality provided was refreshing and made working through the tasks easier." - UP

  • "Wevorce wanted us to get along in a way that was really healing to everybody in the family, so that we could move on to our next chapter." - NG

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