Conventional divorce is about courtrooms and paperwork.
Wevorce is about you.

Wevorce empowers you to begin again. With less conflict, in less time, and for less money than conventional divorce.

Can you explore Wevorce without initiating a divorce? Yes

The Science of Wevorce vs. Conventional Divorce

98% Success
the Time(<90 days on average)
the Cost(Starts at $749)
100% Satisfaction

How Wevorce Works

Explore Your Options

Explore Your Options

Tell us about your situation and we'll identify your Divorce Archetype, predicting the time, team, and expense needed for your divorce.

Receive Your Roadmap

Receive Your Roadmap

Receive a customized divorce roadmap that will empower you and your family on this important journey. Create a password to access your roadmap online anytime.

When You’re Ready

When You're Ready

If and only when you're ready, purchase your desired Wevorce plan, starting at $749, and initiate your divorce. Our team of financial and parenting experts is standing by to help you.

Create Family & Financial Plans

Create Family & Financial Plans

Together we'll plan how to transition one household into two, anticipate parenting decisions if you have children, and distribute assets/debts to create the best possible future for everyone.

Complete Your Wevorce

Complete Your Wevorce

We'll create court-ready divorce agreements for your review and signature, show you how to file them only when you're ready, and have a "Begin Again" ceremony for closure. We remain in touch until your divorce is final.

Start Your Wevorce

Our online process is self-guided and free to get started. You may find it helpful even if you decide to stay together.

100% Satisfaction

Types of Divorce

Learn how Wevorce is different from mediation, collaborative and adversarial divorce.

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Divorce Advice

From financial and parenting advice to how to handle special situations such as mental health issues and military divorce.

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Free Divorce Tools

Gain free access to our toolkit of guides, checklists, and webinars that will help navigate you through the divorce process.

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I was 9 years old in a courtroom when my Mom and Dad’s lawyers asked a question that no child should have to answer. It’s why I’ve dedicated my life to fixing the current divorce system.

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