Women Cite Abuse, Men Cite Sex as Top Reasons for Divorce

Abuse is the number one reason people decide to divorce, according to poll results from
Gfk Roper.The poll, commissioned by Wevorce.com, showed that 36 percent of respondents said that they divorced over
physical or verbal abuse. Financial issues ran a distant second at 22 percent.
GFK Roper spoke to more than 1,500 people by telephone in September to discuss marriage and divorce issues with them. Slightly more than half of the respondents, 860, were women, and the rest were men. There is a margin or error of plus or minus 2.6 percent for the sample.
When looked at separately, men and women were divided on what they saw as the reasons for their divorces. Women overwhelmingly said they made the decision to divorce because of abuse issues with a response rate of 48 percent. But 23 percent of men said the reasons they divorced were based on money. Another 22 percent of men cited sex as the reason for the divorce.
In fact, sex as a reason for divorce was the most divergent response. It was high on the list for men, but very low on the list for women. Just 11 percent of women said sex was the reason they divorced.