Think You’re Ready To Date Again?

Think You’re Ready To Date Again?

5 Tips You Need To Know Before You Go Back Out There

So you find yourself starting to date again, even if you’ve sworn off the opposite sex one more time.You tell yourself all the time “I will [fill in the blanks].”But when loneliness kicks in, combined with the need to share one’s life, we opt to try one more time to give romance another try.

1. Have a clear picture of what you want and don’t want in a relationship, and keep that picture in mind.

Don’t settle. Sometimes it helps to make a list (not necessarily a three page list, perhaps bullet points will do). A list helps us become clearer about what we want, need and also what our deal breakers might be. No need to be overly critical — remember that no one is perfect, especially in relationships!

2. Listen for key words like, “I hated my father”, “My ex is impossible”, “No one ever understood me.”

Get ready to run if your future relationship-material begins to hate everyone they were ever involved with.

3. Have an exit plan.

Don’t put all your love in one basket in the beginning when people are yet to reveal themselves, the dark and the light. Take a gander at what if, and come up with a plan should your relationship show signs of heading south or becoming dysfunctional beyond your standards.

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4. Don’t hold on to a fantasy when reality is staring you in the face.

Those haunting words like “I can change him”, “She will get over her hurt if I love her enough”, “I’m sure with therapy, we can work it out”, “I know he won’t lie to me again”.

5. Remember there are always three sides to a relationship issue: his side, her side, and the TRUTH!

It’s good to check in with yourself to discover if you’d rather be right or be happy. Sometimes we just have to slow down and wear the other person’s shoes.What is triggering them to act a certain way? In what ways are we pushing their button? If the other person doesn’t want to look at their part in a relationship issue chances are staying in the relationship will just continue that theme; before you know it you’re accepting all the blame for the wounds of your partner.

There is nothing more profound of magical about finding our true love. It’s a gamble and sometimes it’s more than worth putting ourselves out there. Once or twice divorced, take inventory to see if you can weather the possibility of making it through another break-up. Get strong; build your confidence and strength to get back on that dating saddle. Who knows, perhaps you will be riding double into the sunset!

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