Solution Lady: Stop the Sabotage after Divorce

Solution Lady: Stop the Sabotage after Divorce

Mental Health: Stop Holding Yourself Back, Lose Weight, Meet Someone New

What do you need to do to change your new lifestyle?

You’re recently divorced, 50 pounds overweight and you would like to start dating. You’ve been insulted in the past about your weight and you are now determined to lose it. So what is stopping you? You’re the only one who truly knows and perhaps the little S word will ring true for you. It may be time to stop sabotaging your chance of looking great and meeting someone special and start developing new and healthier habits.

It’s easy to follow the same habits when you’re with someone for a long time and it’s also easy to keep those unhealthy habits when you become single. The bonus about being alone and single though is that you have a chance to change your habits, and do what you want to do.

It’s a mindset, an attitude, a belief, a desire, education and action(s) that are required to charge your batteries, change your habits and redefine who you are, now that your divorced. And it starts with willingness, a ‘being receptive’ to making small changes, one step at a time. It has to start with something.

Even a slight shift will change your life. Wake up every morning with a willingness to add wellness to your day; no matter how small you think it may be

Do what you have to do to make a change; read from a daily affirmation book, drink more water, make a date to meet someone, tell yourself that your handsome or pretty, sing, dance, do some stretches, even if you have to get up 10 minutes earlier.

Establish a routine and follow it. I recently learned that without a routine, I was lost. My emotions, my spirit and my physical needs weren’t met and that put me in a bad place. So, if you don’t have a routine for whatever reason (being alone sucks, not enough work, don’t feel like having one, kids are moved out etc) establish one, even if it doesn’t start as early as you’d like to. Remember, your lifestyle is in your hands, now.

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Changes do not happen until you take steps toward them. And if you know you can’t do this on your own, solicit the assistance of someone you know will be supportive to you; a friend, a support group, a coaching group, a weight related program. Do something about it. So what is that ‘something’ for you? What’s required to getting you to be willing to and receptive to making a slight shift in order to bring about a positive change in your new lifestyle?

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