Solution Lady: Separating and Letting Go

Solution Lady: Separating and Letting Go

Mental Health: Take Steps to Let Go of Your Marriage and Move on after Divorce

Once you separate from someone your life as you knew it is over. You are now a different person.Let go of the life you had grieve it cause you must,redesign yourself and start living your new life. Anything that you desire and want in your life.If what you desire and want is meant for you it will find it’s way back home.

This isnot to suggest that youdeny yourself your desires nor does it suggest you give up on your wants. Its merely means give your desires away to your higher self and the rest will take care of itself.

Emotions attached to events:

Emotions can affect your mood, your way of thinking and your beliefs. Express your emotions, then let go of them so that they do not use up energy that will be used to further your self in a new way.


When we have expectations of a given situation involving other people we place unnecessary pressure on them and on ourselves. We quickly learn that we can’t control the outcome we can only control our selves. When we go into a situation with no expectations whatever happens as a result is simply bonus.

Guilt and Shame:

You respond to situations the only way you know how.Guilt and shame come in when we think we should be different than what we are. We are who we are.Love you and accept you unconditionally.

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