Solution Lady: Look Inside After Separation

Solution Lady: Look Inside After Separation

Mental Heath: Clean your Emotional Closet and Become a New You after Divorce

When you become newly separated, you have fears or secrets that you keep locked into your closet. The closet is so dark, that all you see is dim, dark and dreary. By telling someone something, you begin to slowly open the closet door and let light into it so that you can see ‘something.’ Eventually, the door is wide open and you can see all the pieces of clothing, the colourful and the not so colorful items.

Unfortunately, the closet can’t open unless the doorknob is first turned, and that, I suggest, is your first step. Tell one person you trust, just one thing about you that you find unspeakable, a fear, a secret. Then as you start feeling comfortable tell more.

Cry if you must and always forgive yourself, for the person that you were at that time is now gone. You’re different now, affected by the changes that your separation brought forward. Now, you know different, and may choose to keep the dirty laundry in your closet, but as you know, keeping dirty laundry with all the clean clothes, eventually makes the other clothes stink too.

Turn the knob on your closet door, and say something to someone. I know you have more clean clothes in your closet, than dirty clothes. Wash one piece at a time, and add a bit of freshener (a belief in a higher power of some sorts) and your clothes will appear brand new and fresh smelling. You will be a brand new you.

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