Divorce is a tough subject to talk about with your children, and as parents you may not know where to start. What about visiting Sesame Street? Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce provides the tools and information you will need when the time comes to tell your kids you are getting a divorce and more.

They provide inspiration in a kid friendly way, providing quick facts and downloadable resource guides to help you every step of the way. You will find a wide variety to choose from, from tips for family members and friends, a colorful storybook to read to your children called “Two-Hug Day,” to fun songs about “Big Feelings” and “Bird Family Song.”

Kids can select from a whole playlist of videos to watch, like “The Family Thing” and “Expressing Feelings.” You can watch videos together, to help explain difficult subjects such as “What is Divorce?” or “Adjusting to a New Place.”

Your Sesame Street Muppet friends are there to help your children transition from one family into two. Explore more here.