Right Now The Key To Health Is Lurking (in your grocery store)

Right Now The Key To Health Is Lurking (in your grocery store)

5 Super Foods For Super Health

Did you know that there are actual foods out there, right now, lurking in your grocery stores that are truly super? (And not super as in that was a super delicious piece of double-fudge chocolate cake). Super as in good for you. According to SuperFoodsRX.com The most important thing for everyone to know is that superfoods are easy to find in every local supermarket. They’re worth looking for! These nutritional powerhouse foods are loaded with nutrients crucial to a healthy, long life. Well, who doesn’t want a healthy and long life?

FoodMatters.TV explains, Superfoods are a special category of foods found in nature. By definition they are calorie sparse and nutrient dense meaning they pack a lot of punch for their weight as far as goodness goes. They are superior sources of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients – nutrients we need but cannot make ourselves. Think of them as super hero food, here for the taking.

Before you freak out thinking that super foods would simply have to be something odd and definitely unsavory, think again. The number one super food is chocolate, yes, you read that right,“ our friend and partner in life, chocolate. Well, actually it’s cacao, or raw chocolate, which is the seed of a fruit of a tree in the Amazon. This number one source for antioxidants also has goodies (like iron, magnesium and chromium to name a few) that can build stronger bones, increase longevity and improve your cardiovascular health. David Wolfe, considered one of the world’s top authorities on superfoods noted on Mysask.com that cacao is “The future of medicine because of the antioxidants and minerals… The presence of the bliss chemical, anandamide, in chocolate is why fifty percent of women prefer chocolate to sex and why we crave chocolate when we need nutrients. Real chocolate is nutrients.”

Having issues with your thyroid? Consider sea vegetables. The names may not be familiar and the texture may seem different, but really, we eat lots of things from the sea, right? Tuna, salmon, shellfish and more. Why avoid the sea veggies when you’re having everything else? Try some kelp or nori to start and move up to duse and chlorella. They are helpful in detoxifying the body and can help boost your immunity. Use seaweeds to help regulate your thyroid and hormones.

Maybe you’re all about the protein? That’s fine; maca, a superfood from the Andes can help with your libido and energy, and offers more than 10% protein to boot. According to Wolfe, that would be roughly five times more protein than a potato and four times more fiber.

Don’t run from bee pollen. Yes, the pollen made from bees. Many say that bee pollen is the most complete food found in nature, offering up nearly all B vitamins and all 21 essential amino acids, thereby making it a complete protein. Sure honey is a great alternative and if you’re not already taking a spoonful of this wonderful (and healthy) sugar a day, you should start. When it’s organic and raw, it is a great healer.

Think of superfoods the way kids think of sushi, at first it’s all, “What? That’s gross and weird.” And then after you coax them to try it just once, just a little bit, things change. Soon they’re begging you to go out for a sushi boat. Same with superfoods. Try a little here and a little there and soon you’ll be dropping it in regular conversations, like Darn, I forgot to bring my bee pollen with me for lunch, shucks!

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