4 Tips To Lower Cable, Phone, Credit Cards And More

Are monthly bills getting to be too much to manage? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your financial obligations, there are a few smart ways to decrease the monthly amounts you owe. For starters, remember: service providers count on your complacency. Cable and mobile phone services offer better rates to new customers all the time, but they’ll never bring better deals to the attention of customers who are blindly paying more each month. The reality is: it’s up to you to ask for better rates. You’ll be rewarded with lower bills and service providers that are eager to keep a vigilant customer happy. Here’s how to do it:

1. Ask for what you want. The first and biggest step to lowering costs is to contact each of the companies that send you a monthly bill. Customers call cell phone, cable, and credit card companies every day. No one is going to be shocked, offended, or amused by your request. If you don’t get results with a phone call, try the company’s online chat customer service.

2. Find out what deals are currently on offer. Before you call, do some quick research into what your provider is offering new customers. Companies will often match introductory rates rather than lose you to a competitor. Find out what competitors are offering for the same reason.

3. Be specific. Now that you know what the going rates are, be very specific about what you want. Ask, “Could you give me that rate for 12 months instead of six?” or “Could you give me the Super Duper Everything Premium package at that rate instead of the Regular Super package?” Ask for more than you think you’ll get.

4. Be friendly. Customer service reps are used to unhappy, angry, and even abusive customers. Your cheerful request will be a refreshing change from the usual complaint. If you don’t get what you ask for, be gracious. You may still get a significant break on your current bill, and if not, you can politely but firmly remind the rep that you know of a better deal elsewhere OR that you’d rather cut part of your service to save money.