Motivational Tips: Faith after Divorce

Motivational Tips: Faith after Divorce

Mental Health: Yes, Divorce is Tough But Things Will Get Better in Time

Going through a divorce (or even contemplating one), can seem like the loneliest, most challenging situation in the world,“ at least it was for me, especially since it resulted in becoming a single mom. Soon after my husband moved out (and took the car), I remember feeling very alone, wondering how on earth I was going to make it with three young daughters, no income, sporadic child support, and no transportation.On top of that, just like the death of my marriage, our little television decided it, too, was going to die, right along with my spirit.

But slowly things began to change, one day at a time.I soon found work as a commissioned salesperson, and a car dealer helped me finance a used car,“ even though I had no credit of my own to speak of. I made friends with a couple of neighbors whom I occasionally leaned on, sometimes for babysitting, sometimes for grocery money until the child support came in.

And then there was Lou, a kind loan officer at the neighborhood bank, who took a chance by approving a loan to purchase a new television. Without Sesame Street to entertain my energetic babies, I must have looked desperate enough to convince him I was worth the risk! That thousand-dollar loan might as well have been a million. Though my spirit had been crushed from the failures of my marriage, somehow Lou saw a spark of promise in me, even though I could hardly see it for myself.

It’s funny where inspiration and hope can come from.Sometimes, simply an encouraging word or an act of faith, such as a small loan to a frazzled mom, is all it might take. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, after two decades of single parenting following my divorce, it is this: no one makes it alone.Since those first few wretched years, and with many other Lou’s supporting and guiding me from time to time, I’m living proof that we all need to reach out to others and be willing to accept help when needed.

Divorce is never easy, even if it’s ultimately the best of all scenarios.In the midst of such change, we need to know we can lean on others if need be. is a wealth of information and a whole community ready and willing to help. Because you’re navigating around the site, searching for answers and guidance, proves you’re not taking a back seat in this arena called Life. Good for you!

The evidence that others believe in us and are willing to help, even when we can’t see things clearly for ourselves – and especially if we feel like the world is spinning downward – can ignite something inside and cause us to look up and move forward. Which is a really good thing because moving forward is the only way to go.

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