Infidelity: The Five Emerging Infidelity Trends Most Likely to Affect You

There are a number of emerging infidelity trends that can wreak havoc on marriages. Listed below are the five infidelity trends most likely to affect you, and some precautionary measures you can take.

1. Women are Gaining in Numbers.
Female infidelity has increased 50 percent and is rapidly approaching the rate of male infidelity.
What to Do: Since most female infidelity is preventable, keep your finger on the pulse of your relationship. If your wife or girlfriend expresses dissatisfaction with you or your relationship, don’t treat it lightly.

2. Internet Affairs are a Big Problem.

Internet-assisted infidelity is now responsible for one-third of all divorces. According to the American Psychological Association, the freedom to fantasize and the anonymity of the internet can make an online relationship appear alluring.
What to Do: Cyber infidelity, online infidelity, internet infidelity, cyber cheating — whatever term you use — poses a serious threat to any marriage or relationship. Be aware of what your spouse or significant other is doing online when you think they are innocently surfing the net.

3. Emotional Affairs Blossom into Sexual Ones.

Because many people underestimate the danger of emotional infidelity and cyber affairs, many of these affairs are being ignored, thus enabling them to evolve into sexual infidelity.
What to Do: Don’t underestimate the danger of non-sexual of (cyber or emotional) forms of infidelity. If you suspect that it’s going on, take positive action before it’s too late.

4. Workplace Infidelity on the Rise.
Workplace infidelity stemming from work-spouse relationships has the power to destroy numerous marriages/relationships.
What to Do: Take precautions to keep work-spouse relationships from turning into workplace affairs. You and your mate should keep each other in the loop, and avoid becoming emotionally dependent on your work husband or work wife.

5. Affairs Go Undetected.
Because many people mistakenly assume they know how to spot the signs of infidelity, numerous affairs will go undetected until it’s too late to do anything about them.
What to Do: Educate yourself about the subtle signs of infidelity. Invest in a good infidelity reference book to help you spot the subtle tell-tale signs of infidelity that may be staring you in the face. Knowing what to look for is the key.