Groundbreaking Divorce Research to Inform the Process (and other Wevorce news)

Groundbreaking Divorce Research to Inform the Process (and other Wevorce news)

From the beginning, our goals here at Wevorce have been focused on empowering families to work together to achieve a guided, respectful, and family-centered process. In fact, we are the first and only national online platform that removes the pain, time, and expense from divorce. And we are eager to announce new ways we’re sharing our insights in 2016: via community-driven town hall events and groundbreaking divorce archetype data that is the culmination of years of research.

But first, here are a few things you may not know about Wevorce:

  • We offer help (as needed) through a nationwide network of more than 600 legal, financial, and child counseling professionals.
  • Once complete, users have all the necessary legal documents and a lifetime of tools, knowledge, and agreements to move on successfully.
  • Wevorce is available in all 50 states.
  • Our method has a 98 percent completion rate, takes 1/3 of the time, and costs 1/4 less than a standard divorce.
  • Wevorce Founder and CEO Michelle Crosby is the daughter of divorced parents, a divorcee herself, and was a divorce attorney before creating Wevorce.

Today, even as we grow, we remain the same family-oriented advocates for amicable divorce. And we’ve learned a few things along the way, namely: who you are impacts how you divorce.

What’s your divorce archetype?

As longtime divorce professionals, we have found that several factors affect how decisions are made throughout the divorce process — factors such as personality strengths, reactions to conflict, habits, communication styles, and parenting values.

“To say that divorce is painful for families is an understatement,” says Crosby. “Most of my clients come to the table buried under feelings of shame and anger. But archetypal predictors can unpack those emotional burdens and ease the chaos of each client’s experience.”

Through years of research and data collection, we’ve named and developed a series of divorce archetypes based on commonalities in human behavior during divorce. And our team has used this knowledge to guide hundreds of clients through painful moments, to help them arrive at equitable settlements, and to predict common patterns — while simultaneously handing clients the reins to lead their own process.

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Some of the key divorce archetypes include:

  • Initiator vs. Reactor
  • Saver vs. Spender
  • Thinker vs. Doer
  • Head vs. Heart
  • Roots vs. Wings

Now, for the first time ever, we’re sharing this information on a broader scale, to help expose unconscious patterns that drive conflict during divorce. By using highly sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms, our online questionnaire is able to help determine a person’s divorce archetypes. After answering this series of questions, a person is then presented with a snapshot of their history, character traits, and habits.

Over the coming months, we will be delving into these archetypes in greater detail via the Wevorce blog. This information is designed to help us become more conscious of our patterns, so we can deepen our understanding of how we love and commit to our partners. And when seeking an amicable divorce, knowing your divorce archetypes can help lead spouses out of relationships safely, both with a deeper understanding of individual and shared experiences.

“Changing Divorce for Good” – Town Hall events

The business of divorce is built on 20th century assumptions and expectations, but the Wevorce method is designed for how you live today. To help address ever-changing stigmas and expectations related to divorce, Crosby will lead the first of its kind Town Hall Conversations in Boise, Idaho and Colorado Springs, helping attendees to answer questions, define their needs, and better understand the divorce process.

These forums are free and open to the public, and will focus on those who are thinking about getting a divorce, have recently gone through a divorce, or know someone who has been affected by divorce. A few of the topics that will be discussed include:

  • How the end of a marriage can be seen as the evolution of a relationship, and not the end of a family.
  • Why you are your own best negotiator when it comes to the future of your family.
  • How A WE mindset is much better than a ME attitude.
  • Why longer lifespans require more flexibility in our lives and the ability to allow for the evolution of our relationships.
  • How Wevorce gives you more control over the outcome of your divorce.

If you are in the Boise or Colorado Springs community, we invite you to attend. To register, visit our website and click “Interested in learning more?” in the upper right corner.

With grace, patience, and increasing understanding, we are poised to continue changing divorce for good.

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