First Time…After Divorce?

First Time…After Divorce?

Before You Spend The Night, Read These 5 Must-Know Tips

You’ve been dating this great guy. He’s been dropping hints, and you’ve been feeling “in the mood.” It’s time to spend the night. How do you pack for it without being presumptuous? Try out these ideas.

1. Go shopping.

Get a fashionable tote that looks like a purse. You can find them at big-box stores like Target, upscale department stores and online. Leave the tote in your car, so when he pops the question you’re prepared.

2. Bring your own.
You’ve got to do it, even if it is awkward. Bring condoms. It’s your body and your health that you have to protect.

3. Pack a toothbrush.

Don’t forget your toothbrush and a travel-sized tube of toothpaste and a small bottle of mouthwash. The last thing you want to do the morning after is to kill him with dragon breath.

4. Don’t forget the undies.

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Put a fresh pair in your tote. Well, you know why.

5. Bring other essentials.

Tweezers for the errant hair you’re bound to find, a change of clothes and other toiletries so you’re clean and fresh the next day.

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