Don’t Assume a Single Valentine’s Day has to be Horrid

If you’re like every other single person, Valentine’s Day doesn’t do a thing for you. Having a plan that makes you happy is the best way to fend off the blues. If you are clear about what will make the day special for you, and focus on that instead of what’s not happening, you’ll feel better about yourself and you won’t have any reason to pity yourself.


DO: Think about Valentine’s Day in advance, ask friends to join you, or find an activity that is meaningful to you.

DON’T: Allow the occasion to sneak up on you.

DO: Think about what will create the most meaningful experience for you.

DON’T: Focus on what everyone else might be doing.

DO: Consider doing something different than usual ““ this is a great time to try something new.

DON’T: Isolate ““ unless you do it as a meditative experience.