Book Review How to Survive Dating

Book Review How to Survive Dating

Dating after Divorce: Book Offers Tips from Real People about how to Survive Dating

Dating after your divorce? Here’s some advice on when to call, from the book “How to Survive Dating” (Hundreds of Heads Books), straight from people who’ve done it:

Don’t call him! Men are so much more interested if you are somewhat aloof and seem too busy to call him.”

Erika Walker, Seattle

“Guys, call within a week if you’re interested.”

Crystal, Bremen, Ga.

“Wait three days before calling her. If you call the next day you seem too eager. And if you wait a week, she might get a little pissed off. If you meet someone on a Friday or Saturday, then you can call on a Tuesday or Wednesday to line up something for the weekend.”

Mike, Atlanta

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He should call first. He’ll say, ‘I had so much fun tonight. I would love to give you a call later this week. Does that work for you?’ and then she can respond, ‘That’s great, I look forward to it.’ Also, he should give it only a day or so. Not five days; that’s absurd!”

Anonymous, New York, N.Y.

“Everybody pretends they don’t have rules about calling, but everybody thinks, ‘Well, maybe I’ll wait.’ If you want to call me the next day, call me. I’m not going to think we’re married or freak out on you.”

Kate, Atlanta

Hundreds of Heads Books’ survival guides offer the wisdom of the masses by assembling the experiences and advice of hundreds of people who have gone through life’s biggest challenges and have insight to share. “How to Survive Dating” can be found on or visit to share your advice or get more information.

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