Book Review: Breaking the Damn China

Book Review: Breaking the Damn China

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Getting divorced? Here are some true stories of divorce from the book “You Can Keep the Damn China!’ And 824 Other Great Tips on Dealing With Divorce” (Hundreds of Heads Books), straight from people who’ve lived it:

“I recall breaking down and trying really hard to hide my emotions while in a bookstore looking for books dealing with this difficult subject of surviving divorce. (It’s helpful that these days, many things can be ordered online!)”

Hector, Elmwood Park, Ill.

“Even though divorce can be painful, try to see the blessing in it. You were obviously not married to the most compatible person for you, or to the person with whom you can live your happiest life. Now you have a chance, and the power, to find the person that is your best fit. Some people stay unhappily married for the rest of their lives because they are too afraid to end it. Not you. You had the courage to give yourself a second chance and a new beginning. Enjoy it.”

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Liz, New York

“Very often when a family has to watch a loved one suffer a terminal illness for an extended the duration, when the loved one dies there is a sense of relief and gladness that the suffering is over, and so it is with my marriage “” its death was inevitable, but my life will go on. Holding on to the past is detrimental. When you’re driving, how much time is spent looking ahead, and how much time is spent looking in the rearview mirror? It’s impossible to move forward the best we can while we are so busy looking behind.”

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Walter McMahan, Austin, Texas

“I learned that you are not the same person at 16 as you are at 18. You are not the same at 18 as you are at 21. You’re not the same at 21 as you are at 23. And you sure as hell aren’t the same at 23 as you are at 30.”

Beth, Atlanta

“I guess there’s this thing called ‘the dance’ in relationships, and I missed all the steps! It’s a good learning experience for my next relationship.”

Alison, San Diego

“You have to remember that no matter how bad it is now, it’s going to get better. Without my ex-wife in my life, I have found sanity, serenity and a feeling of inner peace. Once you’re not living in the daily drama, your perspective will change.”

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Dave, Greenbelt, Md.

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