Make Sure You Know What’s Legal (and what’s not!)

Q: Have you purchased a Bluetooth e-stealth to try and track a cell phone? Does it work or is it a waste of money?

A: I would not buy this product for ethical and other reasons. The issue of “invasion of privacy” stands out the most to me. This company product clearly puts its user in a criminal situation for felony wiretapping.

They claim a million sales for a product that when used collects or intercepts data electronically. That effort and usage equate to a felonious activity. They promote a product designed to be covertly used against a partner, personal or business, family member or anyone with a Blue-tooth capable phone — anywhere in the world.

In my position, I am frequently asked about the topic of recording conversations. It is permissible in some states and banned in others. It is a felony in many venues. Citizens must know their state and federal laws before crossing that line. This product appears already cross it.

My official position on this topic is to “err on the side of caution.” We do not break laws to advance anyone’s personal or professional cause. Anthony Pellicano, a former California celebrity private investigator, is a classic example of one who did break the law and now sits federal prison. Gleaning information illegally is unethical and wrong.
This software appears to be used in a manner as to put buyers in a criminal environment. There is no disclaimer to warn people of the possible criminal charges stemming from the use of it.