7DayDetective: Tips to Recognize a Valentine’s Cheater

7DayDetective: Tips to Recognize a Valentine’s Cheater

PI: Valentine’s Day Ensnares the Cheater

No other holiday presents such a quagmire for cheating spouses as Valentine’s Day. For the faithful, it’s a day of affection, gifts, thoughts, and endless romance. It’s a special day for married couples and significant others. But it ensnares the cheater.

Valentine’s Day can be a very enlightening day. A cheating spouse may walk a balance beam on this day, trying to keep poised while avoiding a fall to one side or the other. Any favoritism factors into this awkward situation. Vested spectators notice any hesitancy, limitation, or faltering. Surely, a perfect performance is critical. Affection and romance are undoubtedly on display.

Unlike the rest of the year, during the days surrounding Valentine’s Day any blunder, oversight, or slip up is costly. Here are five vital signs of a cheating heart on Valentine’s Day (and other days):

1. Initiating secret communications.

The assortment includes covert messages, e-mails, text messages, e-cards, hang-ups, phone calls from closets or driveways, because cheaters must communicate by trickery.

2. Sharing tangible gifts:

Watch your significant other’s spending. Purchases of flowers, candles, chocolates, cards, lingerie, virtual gifts, personalized gifts, little sweethearts, Internet gifts, music, games, poems, treasured keepsakes, whimsical romance, adult gifts, CDs, alcohol, or the like, can and do imply inclination and romantic expressions.

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3. Change in behavior:

Being preoccupied, distant, and anxious. They utilize an excuse or argument to escape. Expect to be denied access to informational sources like cell phones, PDAs, computers, briefcases, wallets, purses, cameras, or vehicles. A fresh focus on their appearance and dress is the norm. If something seems off, it probably is. Trust your instincts.

4. Finances:

ATM cash or curious expenditures crop up. A trend of hidden, missing or destroyed charge or bank accounts, pay stubs, statements or records is customary.

5. Perplexed by time:

Concocting an activity, strange meeting or agenda near Valentine’s Day. Disappearing acts, excuses, lateness, delays — these all call for your scrutiny. Cheating spouses wish they could be two places at once. Superheroes they are not! Instead, they just lie about their whereabouts.

Next Step: Collecting Real Evidence

In divorce proceedings, these vital signs are less important than meeting legal precedents of infidelity.Never base your entire discovery effort on warning signs. Instead, shore up your position with evidence that will bring victory in court.

Taking advantage of the unique opportunity Valentine’s Day presents is a winning strategy. Consider stepping up your efforts this holiday. After all the more you know the better off you will be and quickly.

There’s no universally correct way to collect evidence. Each assignment requires a specific plan. The hardest part will be distinguishing between fact and fiction. The more you understand cheaters, the easier detection becomes. Adultery is both predicable and discoverable. You must know how to play this complicated game in order to become empowered.

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