There’s no denying the fact that trying to date after a relationship ends is incredibly difficult. This mounts if you’re recently divorced, or just getting over a long-term relationship, as it’s easy to completely forget how to meet people, flirt, and date.

It’s natural to feel self-conscious, and it’s especially tough if you’re meeting new people. You have a job, you have friends, you have hobbies, but you don’t have time or patience to hang out in singles bars and be hit on by sleazy guys, or chased by women you’re not interested in. For this reason, most adults have started looking online for dates.

There you won’t be accused of harassing someone that’s not interested, as almost everyone on an online dating site is looking to flirt and meet someone. Plus, you can filter out people you’re not interested in, all from the comfort and safety of your living room.

But while it’s great to be able to review other people and decide who to date, you need an awesome dating profile so that the people who are checking you out will be interested. Your personality needs to shine through, and it’s hard to do that if you’re nervous, out of practice at writing, and unsure what to share. Here are a few suggestions that will help you along the way.

1. Be Honest and Confident

For most of us, writing a list of all the great things about ourselves is completely unnatural. As opening yourself up to online dating creates an inherent vulnerability, it can be really scary to write an honest profile, and actually share the parts of your personality that you like. But remember, you’re not boasting or bragging, you’re simply highlighting that you’re someone worth dating.

When you look at other profiles, you’re looking for someone to click with, so you need to provide enough information for someone to be able to tell if they’ll click with you too. However, if you’re serious about finding someone whose company you’ll actually enjoy you’ll be honest about who you are and what you like.

2. Use Online Writing Services

When you’re writing an online profile, it can be hard to find the words to really express yourself. It’s also hard to be objective when you’re writing about yourself. When you struggle to find the words, you can send bullet points to a professional writer. When you want to make sure your profile is engaging, stands out from the crowd, and is the perfect tone to invite people to chat, you can send bullet points to a professional at Write My Essay or Custom Paper Writing Service. They’ll take care of the creative writing, and make sure your best self is put out there.

3. Focus on What’s Important

Characteristics like “intelligent,” “successful,” “tall,” etc may be appealing to you, but think about the person who is looking at your profile. You should focus on more important things like character, such as integrity, honesty, and values.

While you might want someone with a Ph.D. and a six pack, or someone under 25 with long blonde hair and a love of fitness, all you’ll do is alienate people who are potentially lovely. Values and interests should far outweigh superficial issues.

4. Hire a Proofreader

Everyone on the internet today has seen people who get really annoyed at spelling and grammar mistakes. While they might not be the kind of people you’re hoping to meet, you also don’t want to attract this kind of attention to your profile. Make sure your profile is flawless, so people only focus on your substance and don’t get distracted by details in presentation.

A lot of people hire an editor or proofreader to look over their profile, as it’s really simple to do so via Custom Essay. If you don’t want to hire someone, you can check out tutorials on Academized before you start writing, or run your content through an advanced checker with Easy Word Count.

5. Add Positive Details

Everyone likes to have fun; however fun means different things to different people. It could mean football, it could mean bowling, it could mean cooking and Netflix – give your potential partners some details. But while you’re adding details, stay positive. Don’t waste your time or energy on being negative or snarky. You won’t come across well this way.

6. Use Guides to Check Grammar

When you’re writing, you need to make sure you’re using the right grammar, tone, and style for a dating profile. There are some awesome writers available in the forums and some grammar guides, too, on Paper Fellows. This can be a useful resource for anyone who needs friendly advice.

There’s no easy way of getting back into the world of romance after a breakup. It could be awkward and you may have some unfortunate dates along the way, but having a solid dating profile can make the transition into single life and dating a whole lot easier.

About the author: Mary Walton is an online tutor at Assignment Help. She also creates online courses on business writing and proofreads CVs at resume writing service Resumention. Mary enjoys traveling with her family around the world. She has an educational blog titled Simple Grad; you can read her latest post here.