5 Tips to Easing Back into Single Life after the Divorce

If you built your life around being a wife and/or mother, readjusting to single life can be difficult. You were financially secure, lived a lifestyle others envied, and socialized with people you probably wouldn’t have known as a single person. But your days as a wife are over, at least for now. And, despite the challenges of this new lifestyle, you can learn to embrace being single again. Here’s how.

1. It won’t be easy.

Learn that it takes time to adjust to being single again. Be patient with yourself as you settle in to your new life.

2. Your friends will change.

Don’t expect all the people who were your friends when you were part of a couple to stay around. Concentrate on forging friendships with new single people and strengthen your relationship with the married friends who stood by you during your divorce.

3. Go job hunting.

Find a job that enriches your life. Work will give you more structure, and it will make you financially independent.

4. Think about dating.

When you’re ready, try meeting men again through friends or other connections. A date could boost your self-esteem.

5. Concentrate on yourself.

Make the self-improvements you’ve thought about but never done. Get fit again. Go back to school. Embark on a career.