5 Simple Steps: When to Leave a Cheater

5 Simple Steps: When to Leave a Cheater

When You Find Out your Spouse Has Cheated, When Should You Leave?

You promised to love and to honor, but you’ve found a trail of receipts for hotel stays, romantic dinners, and lingerie. None of them for you. You confront your husband and learn what you’d hoped wasn’t true: he’s been having an affair. In addition to processing the pain of betrayal, there is another cause of pain: the decision you must now make. Should you stay or should you go? These steps could help you.

1. Consider compassion.

Is your husband or wife compassionate about your pain? If your partner justifies the betrayal, dismisses your feelings or continues to cheat, it’s time to go.

2. Consider responsibility.

If your partner takes responsibility, the relationship may be worth fighting for. If he or she is willing to talk about the betrayal honestly and if the infidelities have stopped, the relationship may be saved.

3. Make your own decision.

Ultimately, the decision to leave or to stay is yours. Others may tell you what to do, but you’re the one who has to live with your choice.

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4. Take sometime.

Yes, you’re angry and hurt, but deciding hastily won’t help. Get as much information as you can about the affair or affairs.

5. Be practical.

Take into account practical factors — money, children and other important issues. Also remember to balance those factors with your emotions.

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