5 Simple Steps: Trusting Again

5 Simple Steps: Trusting Again

After Divorce, Five Tips to Help You Learn to Trust Yourself Again

If you’re like many, divorce has made you doubt yourself and your ability to trust others. This is normal. But it helps to remember that you can’t move forward without learning to trust again. Here are a few ways to open up your heart and learn to trust yourself — and others — once again.

1. Reflect on your past.

You need to understand your role in the break up of your marriage. It isn’t to blame yourself but to help you understand.

2. Listen to your intuition.

That inner voice that tells you something or someone is good for you, or not, is a powerful tool. Pay attention to it.

3. Develop boundaries.

Weak boundaries attract people who aren’t good for you. They sap your energy and waste your time. Learn what you will and won’t accept and don’t let those lines be crossed.

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4. Give it time.

The best way to learn whether you can trust someone is to see how that person behaves over time. How that person deals with situations he/she encounters speaks volumes about his/her character.

5. Tell the truth.

Tell the whole truth about your finances, health and other personal issues. And demand nothing but the truth from the other person in return.

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