5 Simple Steps: Remarriage and Kids

5 Simple Steps: Remarriage and Kids

Parenting: 5 Ways to Keep your Kids Connected while Enjoying your New Love

Moving on after a divorce is a challenging experience for anyone — and it can be even more difficult if your kids don’t like the new love in your life. Here are five simple steps to helping your kids adjust to these changes:

1. Keep your ex-spouse involved!

Co-parenting with your ex and keeping them involved in your children’s lives can greatly increase your children’s feelings of security during this time of change.

2. Spend some time with your kids without your new partner.

Spending time alone with your children helps to show that they are still a priority in your life and can help reduce feelings of anxiety about your new partner.

3. Remind your children how much they mean to you.

Simply talking with your children and taking the time to emphasize their importance to you can ease fears about being replaced or still having a place within the family. If your child is struggling with the new distraction in your life, try to see things from their point of view. They may already be feeling a void, so try not to overlook their needs for your love and attention at this time.

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4. Get family support.

Getting supportive family members and relatives involved from both sides of the family can help build a comfortable and secure environment for your children.

5. Let your children do the talking.

Stepping back and allowing your children to express themselves without interruption can be a great way for them to express their emotions and understand that you care about their opinions and concerns.

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