5 Simple Steps: Kids Need Help

5 Simple Steps: Kids Need Help

Five Steps to Help See Your Children Through the Divorce

Almost 60 percent of the people surveyed in a July 2007 Pew Research Center report said divorce is better than an unhappy marriage. And two-thirds of the 2,020 survey responses agreed it’s better for children. If you have made the decision to end your marriage, you’ve likely considered your children’s best interests, as you well should. However, the day-to-day struggles of parenting post-divorce can be a challenge for moms and dads struggling with their own feelings. Here’s are several tips to help you guide your kids through it.

1. Put the kids first.

Remember that your kids come first. Put your needs aside to help them through the divorce the best they can.

2. Your kids can be selfish.

Be prepared that your kids are more interested in what’s going on with them than what’s happening to you.

3. Keep them away from court.

If you’re going to court or mediation, leave your kids with their grandparents or someone you trust. They don’t need to be exposed to the legal workings of your breakup.

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4. Be vigilant.

Watch for sudden emotional and behavioral changes. If your child stops eating or suddenly flunks classes, these are signs that he isn’t coping with the divorce.

5. Get counseling.

You and your kids may need to talk with a professional to help you through.

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