5 Simple Steps: Getting a Job after Divorce

5 Simple Steps: Getting a Job after Divorce

Tips to Help You Relaunch Your Career

So your divorce is final and you need a job. The problem is you haven’t worked outside the home in years and your resume is slim, to say the least. How do you get back in the job market? Here’s how.

1. Analyze yourself.

Look at your skill set, experience level, education and overall qualifications to determine what jobs you’re suited for.

2. Narrow your search.

Concentrate on looking for jobs that suit your qualifications. Don’t apply for a middle-management position if your last job was entry-level. Chances are you won’t get it.

3. Begin your research.

Look at newspaper classified ads, industry trade publications and career websites such as The Monster Board to see what’s available. Also attend career fairs to do some face-to-face networking and gauge employment prospects.

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4. Spruce up your resume.

Keep it formatted and concise. That’s where your computer can come in handy with its resume-writing tools.

5. Network.

Join online social networking groups such as Linked In to get tips on possible jobs and to get to know people who can hire you.

While the job market can be unpredictable and competition may be fierce, by taking these steps, you’ll certainly be better equipped as you relaunch your career post-divorce.

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