4 Must Do’s When Ring Shopping

4 Must Do’s When Ring Shopping

Remarriage: Maybe It’s Time To Dare To Be Different?

If you’ve already been married once before, you likely went the romantic route of allowing your fiancé to pick out your ring. But the second time around can mean new beginnings in many different ways — especially as you go about ring shopping. Now is very well the time to ignore old traditions and do things the way you both want. According to the jewelers at A. Harris Jewelers, an estate and antique jewelry dealer based in London and New York, be bold this time.

1. Find a jeweler you can trust and build a long-term relationship with.

2. Don’t be afraid to be different. Design something unique to yourself.

3. Decide together. Get educated about different diamonds and decide on something that you both like.

4. Consider a colored stone.

As you and your new partner begin anew, we wish you much happiness as you start your own traditions!

Source: Harris Gemstones

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