Even though many people are choosing to wait until later in life to get married, or not get married at all, there is still a very high divorce rate in the US.

There are many reasons why couples end up getting divorced. But one factor can be work-related — specifically the career choices one or both partners make. There are actually many jobs that have a much higher divorce rate than others. Let’s take a look at ten careers that are among the highest in divorce rates.

  1. Gaming Cage Worker – This is a career where people are responsible for a lot of money, including changing money for gambling chips, handling casino cash, etc. Further, if one’s ethics excuse dishonesty within the industry, chances are they will be the same in their marriage. Also, the employment rate in this line of work is looking bleak.
  2. Gaming Service Worker – It is not just the cage workers who have a high divorce rate. Pretty much anyone in the casino industry, including gaming service workers, has a higher risk of getting a divorce. Not only are these workers meeting a lot of new people (and potential lovers), they are also working around alcohol and other substances which can lower inhibitions.
  3. Bartender – A job that has one of the highest divorce rates is bartending. There may be several reasons for this, beginning with the keeping of late hours, especially on the weekends. There is also a high volume of alcohol in this environment, as well as a number of people who are looking to hook up, perhaps with a sexy bartender.
  4. Factory Worker – It may seem surprising, but factory workers have a high divorce rate. This could be because they often work in low-paying positions, so they may be unable to pull their financial weight in a marital relationship. Also, as a general rule, factory workers tend to not have much post-high-school education. Additionally, they are often not engaging in work that stimulates them intellectually and may not have a professional backup plan for pursuing a new career.
  5. Nurse – This is a highly stressful occupation, not to mention one that involves a level of intimacy with patients. Nurses work extremely long hours, and being away from home so much can strain a marriage. Also, it is not uncommon for nurses (or other health care workers) to fall in love with a patient and/or be unfaithful.
  6. Entertainer – Both entertainers and professional athletes rank high on the list of careers with high divorce rates. After all, these figures typically receive a lot of attention, and they are often on the road for several months at a time. This kind of attention is often very appealing to those in the public eye who may be traveling but are still craving intimacy and reprieve from fans and crowds.
  7. Dancer – This career has one of the highest divorce rates, perhaps because dancers must be so intimately in tune with their partners. This type of intimacy can turn a pair of dancers into more than just friends and partners — which could lead to extramarital affairs, and eventually divorce.
  8. Massage Therapist – Most married people don’t like their spouse to have extended physical contact with others, so this may have something to do with the high rate of divorce among massage therapists. After all, this line of work requires touching people — while in a private and intimate environment — all day long. A client may develop a crush on a massage therapist, which can lead to more than just a client/therapist relationship. And even if no infidelity occurs, feelings of jealousy can erode a marriage.
  9. Telephone Operator – It may seem hard to believe, but telephone operators are in a high divorce rate career. This may be because they are dealing with people getting angry, hanging up, etc. on a daily basis, and they might end up bringing their frustrations from work home and taking things out on their spouses.
  10. Extruding Machine Operator – The reason why this job has a high divorce rate may be its long hours. This job often requires people to work longer shifts, night shifts, and even weekend shifts, so they don’t get to spend a lot of time at home. Also, there is not a lot of work to be had, which can be stressful.

When we get married, we like to think that it is going to be for life. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out as we plan, and being in certain lines of work can make a marriage more challenging. Don’t despair, though. Even if you are in one of the above-mentioned careers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are unable to have a happy and successful relationship. If you and your spouse love each other and you both work hard at making it last, you can enjoy a happy and long marriage.

About the AuthorJane Hurst is a content manager from San Francisco. She is also a business writer and writing coach. You can find Jane on Twitter here.