About Us

We are dedicated to helping couples and families get through their divorce with less stress, less emotional impact, more peace and better preparedness for a new beginning. These pillars form the framework for the decisions we make, the work we do, the families we serve and the communities we help build.
Communicate We strive to ensure what is intended is what is heard.
Provoke Peace We provoke peace even when it's hard, especially when it's hard.
Work with Honor We work with honor and integrity to exceed expectations.
"Each member of our team is here not only because they’re incredibly talented but because of their determination to make the world a better place."
Michelle Crosby - Founder & CEO

Michelle Crosby, Founder & CEO - Why do you believe the work you do at Wevorce is leaving the world a better place?
"We are dedicated to every single family, because we care about more than just your paperwork, we care about your emotional well-being as well."

Zach Chatterton, Product Manager - Why do you do what you do at Wevorce?
"I am passionate about the power software has to help people. I want to help Wevorce become the easiest part of the hardest thing families have to go through."

Derik Ellis, Director of Business Development - Why do you do what you do at Wevorce?
"Wevorce has given me a home, a cause and a burning desire to make a very positive change in the lives of people going through the difficulty of divorce. I love the technology space and have always had the ability to take a founder's vision, match it with the right talent and drive it into actionable, achievable, and prioritized objectives."

James Gutierrez, Product Owner - Why do you do what you do at Wevorce?
"I do what I do so that the families who come to Wevorce can have a better and more amicable experience. I love working with our different teams to solve user problems and build better tools and products for families."

Britt Lucero, Executive Assistant - Why do you do what you do at Wevorce?
"I love helping people connect the details and execute solutions no matter how big or small. I am fortunate to be connected to the Wevorce movement and a part of the Wevorce team. I believe that Wevorce is influencing the change of perspective in the way people view and manage their relationships and their break-ups."

Andy Mockli, Senior Software Engineer - Why do you do what you do at Wevorce?
"I love building meaningful products in software. I think technology can help make the difficult decisions of divorce easier to approach and tackle."

Aaron Neal, Director of Software Engineering - Why do you believe the work you do at Wevorce is leaving the world a better place?
"I feel that we’re guiding people in a different direction than the traditional attorney route. I am a big fan of building software to automate processes to make people’s life easier."

Becca Owens, UI Developer - Why do you do what you do at Wevorce?
"I aspire to create the best possible experience for people going through divorce. Our user interface is designed to be effortless and supportive, leaving our customers feeling confident and hopeful in otherwise uncertain circumstances."

Brittany Rosenthal, Family Resource Specialist - Why do you do what you do at Wevorce?
"I truly enjoy helping people in what’s one of the most difficult times of their life."

Kristine Rushing, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™) - Why do you do what you do at Wevorce?
"My work allows me to help families create harmonious solutions that address the needs and concerns of everyone involved. As I work with spouses to craft asset/debt division and support plans that are thoughtful, cooperative and sustainable, I witness firsthand how Wevorce is "changing divorce for good" and allowing families to redefine their relationships in a way that clears the path for all family members not just to heal and survive, but to thrive."

Fela Scott, Copywriter - Why do you do what you do at Wevorce?
"It is my sincere hope that what I've written over the years has changed lives in a positive way, whether from my words or merely information passed on."

Interested in joining the Wevorce team?

Are you an attorney looking for a change? Or a hacker looking to change the world?
We want you. Wevorce is on the lookout for the best and brightest attorneys, programmers, mediators, financial professionals and counselors to join our team. Send along your C.V. and a bit about a big life challenge you’ve conquered (or are working on conquering): jobs@wevorce.com.

Includes completed court documents and filing instructions for your local courthouse.

30 days

Most couples are ready to file their documents in less than 30 days.

Reduce Stress

Receive helpful content and tools that will help reduce confusion and conflict.

Keeps Family In-Tact

Our co-parenting tools help you build well-thought out parenting plans.

Provokes Peace

We’ll help you focus on your optimal outcomes and avoid potential conflict.

Empowers Your Family

You and your spouse can create agreements that are best for your family.

Traditional Divorce

A contested divorce can cost over $15,000.

3-6 Months

A traditional divorce averages 3 to 6 months.


Complicated paperwork and escalating legal fees mean more stress.

Damaging to Families

Conflict associated with traditional divorce can result in families being torn apart.

Encourages Conflict

More fighting means more time and legal fees for attorneys.

Judge Determines Outcomes

When couples can’t agree, outcomes are determined by family court system.