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“Wevorce is like lightning in a bottle for me!”

Neil Forester, Wevorce Private Judge

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We Crave Clarity & Calm In An Uncertain World

Wevorce is Changing Divorce for Good®. We are dedicated to helping couples and families transition their relationships with less stress, more peace, and better preparedness for a new beginning. As the premier online, private divorce process, we have settled more divorces than anyone in the US.

We were looking for a way to end our marriage, not our respect for each another. Wevorce helped us keep our family intact.

Who knew you could have someone with a heart help you through this. We’re really grateful.

We wanted to work through our divorce together—and that’s exactly what we did.

Our Cutting Edge Divorce Process

  1. SIMPLICITY The Wevorce high-tech, high-touch process enables couples to complete their Marriage Settlement Agreement online in as little as one month.
  2. WISDOM Using the neuroscience of collaboration, the software is written specifically to engage each person’s calm, connected mind to reach their chosen optimal outcome.
  3. COLLABORATION Rather than opposing lawyers and a courtroom, a Private Judge provides support through the process and helps couples access their own internal wisdom.

What is a Private Judge™?

  • Whole-hearted professionals trained in the process of Amicable Arbitration
  • Experienced attorneys, mediators, judges, counselors, financial professionals, and coaches
  • A couple’s guide through the emotional, financial and legal journey of divorce
  • A life-long learner who continually calms their own mind in order to invite the calm connected minds of the couple

When a couple begins their divorce process they start with the software to:

  • Determine their optimal outcome
  • Mindfully design how they will collaborate through the process with kindness and connection
  • Upload their data to begin creating the Marriage Settlement Agreement

The couple is partnered with a Wevorce Private Judge who:

  • Answers questions regarding their parenting agreement, finances, property, etc.
  • Supports them from an emotional perspective as they transition their relationship and begin to build a new life going forward
  • Reviews documentation to be sure everything is in order
“It’s such an amazing and well-rounded offering that is so needed.”

Dr. Andra Brosh, Wevorce Private Judge

Freedom & Flexibility

Wevorce is a brilliant business opportunity. Whether you have a current business or would like to start a full time Private Judge practice, you can decide what works best for you.

  1. ​FULL OR PART TIME Work to your schedule and availability.
  2. GROW YOUR BUSINESS Add to your current business offerings or product streams.
  3. WORK FROM ANYWHERE Meet with couples virtually from anywhere in the country.
  4. MARKET GROWTH The pandemic has created a greater demand for couples seeking a virtual divorce.

On Being A Private Judge

Become part of a community making a difference.

About Certification Training

Get ready to make a difference in the lives of families as they skip the courthouse and keep the kindness. Your learning journey is central to providing families with the expertise and support they need in the midst of one of their most significant transitions.

Certification Training highlights all aspects of being a Private Judge, from working with couples on the emotional, financial and legal aspects of divorce; to understanding the software and Amicable Arbitration; to setting up a successful business as a Private Judge.

What is it?

  • An opportunity to change the world by approaching conflict in a fresh, peaceful way
  • A place where you can align your work with your values
  • A how-to for attracting clients seeking your particular skill set
  • Wevorce Private Judges are handpicked, thoroughly vetted and carefully trained

Who are we looking for?

Like-minded individuals who believe there is a better, kinder way to divorce.

  • Mediators
  • Attorneys
  • Judges
  • Counselors
  • Financial Professionals
  • Coaches

Why should I become a Private Judge?

  • Our high-tech and high-touch process is a best-in-class experience
  • Learn how to launch a career designed by you
  • Engage the behavioral neuroscience of collaboration
  • You focus on family rather than an outdated legal solution

What To Expect

  • Virtual training: interactive, small group discussions
  • 9 classes held weekly; October 9 – December 11, 2020
  • 3 Training Modules
    1. The Neuroscience of Collaboration & Mindful Relationship Design
    2. Legal, Financial & Software Process of Amicable Arbitration
    3. Business Skills & Best Practices
  • 8 experienced instructors across emotional, financial, legal and business disciplines
  • Hands on experience working with couples as a Private Judge with a mentor as your guide
  • 40 Continuing Education Credits (CLE) 

Wevorce is about instilling kindness into the process, and kindness is a product of a clean, clear mind that isn’t hijacked by stress. When we are protecting rather than connecting, when we have uncertainty instead of clarity, kindness is not an available option in our brains.

At Wevorce, our team has committed to mirroring the journey we are asking couples to take. We will teach you tools to enable you, as a Private Judge, to be more present and impactful while helping couples form more life-giving agreements.

Save $1500 on your tuition if you pay by September 4!

Certification Pricing — $5450

Become a full or part time Private Judge. Includes 9-week Certification Course, ongoing training, private community mentoring, and placement in our Private Judge directory.

On The Impact Of The Training

Say Yes!

You are here to make a difference, to positively impact the lives of the people around you.

At Wevorce we are Changing Divorce for Good and carving out a market niche with our Amicable Arbitration approach to divorce.

If you are craving the cutting edge change we’re talking about, be among the first to join us as we accelerate love in the world.

​Let us know who you are and why this is vital to you too.