Wife left

Ive been married for almost 10 years … I love the woman i married very much … Im not the greatest at showing affection and sometimes things i say come off as being rude or mean when i want them to be sweet and kind … My wife left a week ago for the 2nd time … the first time i told her id try harder things would be better … she was here for 6 months and then she left again … she said i love you as she walked out the door with me and my 6 year old son asleep on the couch . when i ask her she says she has 100 things running through her head and will barely talk to me … She wants me to make my son believe she didnt abandon him and its not his fault (of course its not his fault i would never let him believe that) we have a stepson who i have always loved him as my own … so its like I have lost him as well…
So i guess my questions are … what do i do? Of course I have tried to get her to come home so we can do all the steps and try and work things out … Or do i just cover my self get the lawyer and file for divorce before she can leave me dumbfounded again … I am totally heartbroken and think parents should try harder than we have … me and her both come from a house where a parent was absent … (I am not sure if she has cheated It really would not doubt it tho)

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I can’t say what the future will hold. If possible try for reconciliation. Divorce really sucks, especially if you are still in love with your spouse. Maybe just give her a bit of space and see what happens. Sounds like she knows you want to work things out. Wait for that right opening…

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You need a clean slate my friend.
I read a book after my ex wife left called “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.
It was too late when I read the book but it definitely helped me understand why my ex left. We did not have the same primary and secondary love language.
I know it sounds dorky but it should helped me understand how and why a woman’s emotions control their thought process.
I’m actually better off without her but sucks for my children.
The book has helped me meet amazing women and when they find out I’ve read this book, they are blown away. But work on what you have left and tell her you’re going to read this book right now before it’s too late.
All the best to you.