Wife hits me, spits in my face, punches me in face, slaps me, runs son off

Was married in 2002 to a girl I met on Match dot com. We seperated in 2005. She moved away…found out later she was seeing a high school friend. She told me she still loved me and I took her back and her two kids…age 12-14. Boy Girl…she did some things to my son verbally that made him move back with his mom. She has spit in my face, punched me in face, kicked me…even called the Sherriffs Dept on me for some reason!!!

If it had not been for the hand print on my back I think they would have taken me to jail since I am the guy. never hit woman in my life …here is the kicker…she moved out just over a month ago. We are seperated. I have told this story I am ashame of to many friends who hav told me to move on etc… why do I feel that I want her still? Why do I feel I cant move on?

I am 52…attractive guy I have been told… Is it normal to still want her to move back? I have contacted an attorney who is going to offer her a low settlement since she has contributed nothing and land was deeded to me in 2003. In 2008 I did a quit deed for her since I was going to Iraq.

Now she wants it all…Besides the feeling questions I have asked above, do you think a judge would award her anything more than half the equity of the house? 5K. I have 8 acres of land. Let me hear your thoughts everyone. This is my first try at this…thank you!

NWF, get yourself an attorney, and take his/her advice. Ten years is the usual guideline for the required length of a marriage that results in a 50/50 (or equitable, depending upon your state) split of assets. I don’t know if the separation time counts or not - again, that’s state dependent. You can check the laws of your state by following the links in the upper right hand corner of this page. You can google your state and divorce division of assets to find more info - some from attorney’s websites that might help, too.We’re in the same age range, and the thought of being single can be especially daunting for us, but it sure as hell beats what you have been living with. We’re here for you.