Why Do Divorced Men Prefer Younger Women?

It is the stereotypical scenario. A couple in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s gets divorced and the husband takes up with a woman 20 or sometimes even 30 years younger. Meanwhile, the wife is faced with dating men 20 or more years older than herself because men typically prefer younger women after they divorce. But why? Why can’t a man appreciate a woman his own age? I think many men, after a divorce, think they have something to prove. To be able to date a younger woman makes them feel younger, more attractive and vital. They enjoy showing off their much younger date as some sort of trophy or prize. What they do not realize is that the woman they are dating may be only interested in them for the financial security they can provide. How many 25 year old women are really attracted to a 60 year old man who is old enough to be their grandfather? Men should stop kidding themselves and face the truth. They do not need a younger woman to feel youthful. Relying on anyone outside yourself to feel attractive, young, or needed is a mistake.

Instead these men need to rediscover the women in their own age group and appreciate them for their wisdom and maturity. Many middle aged men do not even fully understand what they are getting themselves into with a younger woman. She will probably want to start a family at some point and is at a completely different stage in her life. A more mature woman, finished with child bearing and raising, can provide companionship and will be more likely to share more common interests with a man her own age. I see many women in their 50’s and 60’s struggling to find a good man after a divorce because men are dating younger women and it makes me sad. These women should not have to date a 70 or 80 year old.

Let’s hope that more divorced, middle aged men get the message that they should open their hearts and minds and date a woman not based on her age, but on what kind of person she really is and if she is a compatible match. Click here to read a free chapter of Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce…

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Because from experience, a younger woman is more likely to be more desirous of a sexual relationship and not just co-exist as roommates.

IF I were to look again, I’d say they’d have to be in their 30’s. I don’t think I can stand the drama that people in their 20’s have, plus I’d like to have an intelligent conversation about something other than TMZ.

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I know alot of guys like younger women, but they don’t work for me. When I was newly single I was introduced to alot of much younger very attractive women. Now I’m in my mid 40’s told I’m attractive, financially well off, in decent shape so a few showed some interest. It was flattering pretty much till I really started talking to them. I realized this was not for me. Nothing in common with them and could see being with them for anything but physical attraction. So I didn’t see them. Currently I am dating a lady slightly older than I who is absolutely interesting to talk to, plus she knows what she is doing in intimate settings. She’s the whole package. For me its the conversation and interaction that makes a woman interesting.


Most guys like “eye candy”. Some date them after divorce to feel young, strong, sexual, etc. When the chemicals wear off, they start to realize they have nothing in common with these girls. The girls usually like to be drenched in gifts and the man realizes that’s all they truly want. They also like the stability an older guy offers. There are plenty of men that want to avoid this and ARE looking for someone near their own age. Good luck to you and I wish you peace!

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I do think this reflects a difference in self esteem between men and women. Some older men have unrealistically high views of their attractiveness. I often talk to really attractive women who do not think they are.

Very simple. Younger woman appreciate older men. The older woman I have been around are bitter, hateful and resent men. Younger woman are affectionate, happier and yes, way better sex.

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I am te reversed situation. I am an older woman that (despite what she thought was appropriate) began dating younger men (whom progressively became younger and younger). For me, what I found is that after a 15 year marriage (with a long courtship prior) I had felt trapped. I married rather young (early 20s) and there was little to no adventure and excitement. After divorce I wanted to experience all the things i loved to do prior to marriage, and try new experiences. I was starting over from scratch so I related well to early 20s men. Believe me. I tried to date a few men my age, but the conversation was about retirement accounts, company picnics and vacation homes. I could no longer relate and frankly it was boring. In addition; younger men have the sex drive a late thirties woman needs and they aren’t complacent laying there in bed… they are eager to please and learn and try new things. I say all this because perhaps for divorced males it isn’t always about vanity (as that wasn’t my reasoning). Maybe they too felt controlled, trapped and tired of an unadventurous lopsided relationship. Maybe younger females are who they relate to, maybe they are the ones who can help provide a new lease on love and life. As a final note. The last person I dated is 16 years younger and we are still together. He has made me enjoy life again and makes me feel like the princess I never felt like in my prior marriage.