When a woman is done.....she's done!

It seems like women hang on forever and ever to that relationship that is not good for her. She takes him back over and over. Who knows what starts it. Could be a romp in the sheets, those adorable eyes, just plain lonliness. I’ve certainly had my share of those relationships that just seem to drag on and on. It’s like I knew in my head I should get out and be done, yet something kept pulling me back.

I think it’s possible that maybe I just like the push-pull of abandonment in my life. What I do know is that once I finally get to the point where I’m done…I’M DONE! There is nothing he can do to sway me or even get within 10 feet of my interest scale. It is hard to get there, but it is really wonderful when you finally do.

I take great pride at knowing that after every relationship, though it make take a very long while, that yes eventually I do get over it! And as far as my last one…it’s been two years in the making, getting over it I mean, but I feel it, it’s done! Yippee! I’ve finally let go, even of the hope part!~


Congrats to you!As my Grandma always said, in her sweet, yet stern voice: How long you’re gonna get kicked in the ass, before you turn around to see who’s kickin’ you?!I agree with you 100% about some of us women putting up with good-for-nothing relationships. We take a man back over and over, and continue a pattern that seems endless.Then finally we get it, and the STOP sign comes out. It takes awhile, but we get it. Patience is a virtue, tolerance a gift? It’s amazing what a person will put up with because they feel they have no other options.Whether by circumstance or by ignorance. Unfortunately, I too, am guilty of the doormat syndrome. You know, Just step all over me my husband, I’ll comply to you, and things will get better!Alas, dignity and self preservation, will not allow a person to continue in this fashion. Eventually you get the bitch slap from reality, finally wake up, and start to think clearly.I got many slaps before my eyes flew open! Let’s just say I can see things more clearly now, with a crystal view. I’ve taken the blinders off, and perceive things for what they really are and not what I’d like them to be.I applaud you and truly understand your point about, when a woman is done, she is done. I am so distant from my ex husband now, because he systematically sabotaged any possible chances of me having any compassion for his sorry ass.No sympathy, no empathy. I am only civil to him because we have children. No need to repeat things of the past, every weekend when he shows up for a visit. I am done!So I wish you luck! You are traveling down a road that you need not look back upon.Peace!


Awesome! I am soo happy for you and I can’t wait to get where you are!

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Be careful, a man can change especially when his back is against the wall. Domina, although she says she is done, it sounds like a life full of bitterness.

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I’m new here and will eventually get around to making an introduction post…but it’s a story and a half so I need to measure my words…


I found myself in the early days of our 24 year marriage deliberately sabotaging different aspects because I knew it would cause a huge fight and then we would have the “make up” talk…where I would hear the “I love You” and the “we can work this out” “you are more important to me than this” whatever “this” was…

I grew enough to realize this was an issue with me. I was the main victim of my own behavior. I stopped it.

Reconciliation is a huge ego boost. I think you have to stop needing those highs. Its not a when I’m done its done thing. That just reminds me of the “if you cant handle me at my worst, you dont deserve my best” memes. Those are so damaging. Us women arent mysterious creatures. We arent entitled to love no matter how we behave. We all want the same thing. Respect. Intimacy. Love.

It does sound to me like maybe you need to work on that part. Like maybe you give up when you arent given the reaction you hoped for. We cant and shouldnt want to control other people. If love isnt freely given. Its useless.

Women hang on no longer than men. They will suffer through bad relationships just as much and for as long, if not longer, than we do… it’s a fact that women initiate more divorces than men.

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Thank you so much for saying this. Men that are in love will hang on for dear life because we’ve given all of ourselves. I happen to be one of those men. No matter what was done i came back trying to make it work wanting nothing more than to survive and thrive. However im now separated and feel like im losing my mind. Yet whenever she calls or needs anything im right there. Just wondering when it gets better

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