When a serial cheater wants to stay married

My husband is a serial cheater, I asked to leave after he stayed out one he moved into his own apartment about 10 blocks away

He continues to see other women and keeps telling me he loves and wants me back, But he refuses to come to court to pay support and gets mad when I go. He refuses to file for divorce and I cant afford to

You have seven children. Find a way to file for divorce. Ask anyone you can ask to help you out. Offer to pay them back - even if it’s a quarter a month - and keep paying until you’ve paid it back. Sell gift cards that are given to you or your children and use that money for your defense fund.In most states, when you do file, you can ask for temporary orders for child and spousal support. You can ask that the funds be deducted from his paycheck and sent to a state or county clearinghouse. That way, if he’s not paying, the court finds out sooner rather than later that he’s in contempt and the court will compel him to pay.Your ex is what we call a cake-eater. He wants to have his cake (a wife at home to take care of him and the kids) and eat it too (a piece on the side). By staying married to him and tolerating his bad behavior, you’re teaching your boys that it’s okay for them to do the same and you’re teaching your daughters that it’s okay for them to either be cheated on or cheat with a guy - or maybe even behave like their dad. Is that what you want them to learn?We’re here for you.