What does it mean when your husband leaves you(the wife) for the other women?

Need to know why he left me for the other younger women.?What are the reasons why some cheaters stay in the marriage and others leave for the OW?

I would say that people who stay in a marriage might be said to have a healthy sense of aging and moving from one stage of life to the next. They recognize that people don’t stay young, that relationships don’t stay new but mature and evolve, and that there are long term benefits to commitment. So someone who decides to leave a spouse for another woman, especially a younger woman (assuming that the marital relationship is “normal” not crazy, abusive, etc.), hasn’t transitioned from one life stage to the next. He (or she) is caught back in a previous less mature phase of life, is seeking the newness of a romantic relationship, and is reliving a younger age and period of life through that relationship. So it seems to show a lack of maturity, a lack of self-acceptance, etc., perhaps an attempt to re-do those years, to feel younger again.Again, there might be other scenarios - a marriage can be downright bad and sometimes people just click whatever the age - but that’s my general take.

He’s an idiot.

What it means is that your ex has issues in his own core. He is unhappy for whatever reason and he is looking for someone to make him happy. Pity him because he has not learned that happiness comes from within. no other person can or should be expected to make you happy. It is something you have to do for yourself. It might be a myriad of issues, low self esteem, chem dep issues, abuse as a child, a personality disorder, it could be any number of things.Learn to feel blessed because you have the power to meet a new person who is whole and healthy and without issues like that. Once you experience a relationship with someone who feels good about themselves, you will have real love in your life and it will be wonderful.Cheaters never know how to love themselves and so they lack the ability to love someone else. You deserve better.I lived through a cheater divorce, too, and now have the most wonderful man in the world. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel bad for my ex because he goes from woman to woman to woman looking for happiness, rather than find it for himself.