What Does Adultery Show Your Children?

Adultery is something that’s supposed to be forbidden in marriage but it’s been happening since possibly since the beginning of time. Most of the time, we try and keep that kind of thing hidden from the children, but what happens when they find out? How can we deal with explaining it to them? First of all, it’s really an adult matter and in my opinion, children should not have to deal with it.

But, if they are older children, teenagers perhaps, and they find out about it, we do need to offer them an explanation so they can kind of try to understand. In my situation, my daughter was way too young to know what happened but my son was a teen, almost an adult and he knew already what was going on. I had to explain to him that even though dad was a good hard working man, dedicated to his work, he was not very good at being a faithful husband. He must have felt that he needed to be with someone else, even though I was trying my best to make everything right. I had to explain that dad’s behavior was not supposed to be how a man treats his wife or a committed relationship.

A true healthy relationship is supposed to be a trusted relationship with just the husband and wife. I knew that he understood me some, but in some ways, I felt that he was going to have to grow up a bit more to really grasp what was going on. I felt like I needed to let him know that this was not good because I didn’t want him to think it was ok for him to do it since he saw his dad act this way.

But no means was this an easy task. I think that talking to children about an adult’s infidelity has to be extremely one of the hardest things to talk about.

I think it validates the loss of morales and the increasing divorce rate, let alone the people who choose never to marry. It also shows the that their parents are lying to each other, as well as to them. Kids have a hard enough time in this world with so much turmoil in politics, terrorism, college tuitions, jobs, etc. I don’t pretend to have the answers for any of it. It’s way too big. Just my opinion.