The father of my children has decided to leave ... single mom in need of advise

Need advise? A friend? A breather! I’m a single mom of a 5 year old & soon to be due with my 2nd in August… and the father of my kids decided to leave. I just recently discovered that he’s been talking to someone else and is a single mother as well… we have been separated for 1 month and he tells me we can either try to work things out or he moves in with this new single mom…We had a relationship of 8 years & he says he started talking to this other woman from the moment we separated…he said he wanted to get it off his chest and felt guilty and wanted to be honest now I’m stuck between a hard place & a rock I’m not sure if I want to work things out now or if it’s even worth trying.

I’ve been a single mom for 4 yrs (different reason, but ultimately he could have cared less about me so basically the same story), and I have 4 children. It is not easy, but way less stressful than dealing with the drama you are working with right now. The good news: I have grown so much as a person, I have more confidence now because I have survived. I know my children are going to grow up knowing what a healthy relationship looks like because I have modeled it to them, how to set boundaries, and that being treated badly by someone is not to be tolerated. You are worthy of someone who WANTS to be with you. You should not have to beg someone to love you. This person does not even know what love is if they could take or leave either one of you. This man sounds like he cares for his own ego boost and people are replaceable.
My advice: Good riddance, cut off contact with him and only talk about the kids with him business format in writing. love yourself and let this garbage go to the curb. Work on yourself and find a hobby, go to counseling, and join an abuse support group through the local woman shelter because that is what you have experienced. Focus on loving your children. Maybe someday you will find someone worthy of you. I did, and my big regret was wasting so much of my life on garbage and a trash relationship when there was so much better out there.