Sleeping with ex husband, who has a girlfriend

My ex husband and I were married 7 years and have two small children. As soon as we broke up, we started sleeping with each other again. I had feelings of how that we would get back together, but he’s a sociopath and is incapable of relationships, so it just became pure sex for both of us.

Flash forward several months later: he’s living in another state with his girlfriend. He sees the kids every two weeks and we still sleep together when he visits. There’s no feelings on either side - we just enjoy sleeping together and, not bragging here, I’m pretty good in bed. I’m sure the big reason he sleeps with me is b/c the new girlfriend is boring in bed.

Even though he’s talking if marrying her and having kids, he continues to sleep with me. I’m aware of what I’m doing, I don’t regret it because there’s a strong sexual attraction there. I’m actually wondering why he would cheat on her - I could never cheat on someone I really love. If he’s making these big plans with her, why sleep with the ex?

Wow. I think you know your answer. Good luck.

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It’s the sex, honey. She’s probably a dead fish in the sack and you’re the Fourth of July. It’s obviously working for you, but please be careful. Best of luck.