Sex during separation?

After a divorce has been filed, and looks to be relatively certain to become finalized, is it OK to maintain a sexual relationship with your STBX? I don’t want to interject my reasoning for thinking in either selection as of yet - looking for un-coersed input. Mike

Man. My wife and I were doing it on occasion also because it was so good between us. However I was the one wanting to make “Love” and she was the one that justwanted to get laid. I have the same question about my own marriage that I can’t get answered that tomuch42long said earlier. My wife has decided that there arethings in the marriage that she didn’t like (not abuse or anything like that) and that because she doesn’t feel the same way about me, we should get divorce. She wants me in parts of her life but doesn’t want me in other parts. Talk about messed up and she can’t even tell me why except forthe fact that she doesn’t believe in me anymore.

I dont think its a good idea myself…the only good thing about my relationship with me and my stbx was the chemistry also but i would not dare go there any longer! Do I think about the love making sessions with him…sure i do! You gotta draw the line somewhere…if I were to have sex or make love to him right now, it would only confuse me even more…I have come to far to start backstepping now!

Why not??? I told my STBX in the beginning of our seperation that I better not find out that he has been with anywhile else while we are supposed to be working on our marriage. He asked what I wanted him to do for his manly relief. I told him to come to me. No strings attached. (of course I wanted strings, but I would rather him come to me than to be whoring around). So we have several times. But it’s just a screw. As soon as he’s done, he leaves the house. He won’t stay to visit or anything. So yes, I am being used, but I did ask for it to be that way. We have to get it from somewhere, and I would rather get it from the man I am still technically married to, than anywhere else.

Having sex frequently with your STBX during the separation period (one year) may adversely delay/affect your divorce application. The court may consider the couple
is getting back together, therefore forgives the STBX faults by having sex again regularly.
Having sex only once with your STBX may be considered a mistake therefore may not
effect the divorce application.

Be aware of this legal consequence before having sex with your STBX.

I have no personal experience with this issue. But I think it is acceptable if you and your
STBX both agree. It is “convenient” and beneficial to both of you unless you both have
found new sexual partners. Why not???

When I kicked my STBX out, he kept coming back trying to have sex with me. I did a few times because I was lonely, but I would get angry and disgusted with myself afterwards because he was still with OW. I gained confidence in myself and started dating and now I have the strength to tell him to leave me alone, which I did. He got angry with ME! LOL I believe in my heart that if you love someone, you wouldn’t cheat on them. He claimed he loved the OW and didn’t love me, so why was he cheating on her. Then I finally realized that he is just selfish and want his cake and eat it too. I was being used like always. I finally feel free emotionally from him and my heart is healing faster without his manipulations.

I’m having the same trouble. Wife committed adultery, we are still living together and it’s been hell. She came into me tonight and I gave in and now I feel terrible! This will NOT happen again!