Returning to Home for Belongings After Separation - IN MARYLAND

Rights after leaving home for separation… Morning all, quick question/scenario: I just moved out of our home to a friend’s house. I am still paying 1/2 of the mortgage and other related expenses and my name is still on the deed/title of the house.

Unfortunately, my family nor my friend has room for all of my belongings. My husband was fine with this but now he’s trying to give me a hard time. Do I have the right to go back to my house (as appropriate) to get clothing, etc.? He’s threatened to change the locks and said that now that I’ve moved I need to take everything out of the house. I can’t afford a storage facility because I’m paying my friend to stay at her house, and again am still paying some of the expenses at my home.

I’ve done nothing wrong other than to make a decision to live again and not be controlled or emotionally abused anymore. My feelings did not change overnight…it’s been years of a downward spiral. Things were just never the same after my husband had a 2 year affair. He left the home for a couple of months, I allowed him to come back.

Unfortunately he took my love for him and commitment to the marriage vows as a weakness and he ran with it. Sorry I’m all over the place with this…thoughts??

My understanding is that until filing and temporary orders are obtained, locks can’t be changed to keep one or the other folks on a title out of the marital home.Make an appointment with him to get your stuff - if you can’t talk to him directly about it, use e mail. Take someone with you - I have a galpal who I respect too much to act like an @$$ in front of, who’s been through a divorce. She’s been a godsend, and has sat with me as stbx and I went through the china cabinet and closets. Having a friend go with you will also increase the probablility that he’ll act appropriately - there’s a witness to the visit.Good luck! Wishing you the best 2011 possible!

Julie is right. (But I’ll wait for Spaz to jump in because she’s the legal eagle, and I’m not an attorney.) Anyway, I should say, I’m pretty sure Julie is right. As long as this is the marital home and you are not legally separated, you are free to come and go as you wish and he is not allowed to change the locks.Her advice is right on, too. Even though you CAN come and go as you wish, I would recommend taking someone with you when you go. Have them bring a small video camera to use if necessary to document your stbx’s behavior.