Pregnant by a married man who's going through a divorce and has a 2 year old already

HELP PLEASE!! My boyfriend and i met 4 months ago… fell head over heels. I never thought we would be this serious. I met him at a friend’s house… they said he had a kid… i didn’t think anything of it b/c i didn’t think we would be where we are today. His little girl is like my own… i love her… His ex filed a divorce in December… now, she won’t sign the papers or agree on anything.

I’m 6 weeks pregnant… & my boyfriend’s mother and her family won’t keep their mouth shut… His ex found out that i was pregnant and her grandmother went to see another lawyer cause she thinks it’s not right for his little girl to go through this. I treat her better than her mom does. Girls are vindictive… i know. What do i do in my case?

Is this adultry? What will the court say? We get his girl every other weekend… that’s it. We’ve had our thursday visitation taken away already. Why does the ex get to make decisions? is there no father rights?

Are you kidding me? Of course it’s adultery. He’s still married!


I’m in a similar situation

Yup, this is adultery. Yup, it can be used in court and will be. Please don’t take offense but she has a child with him and he needs to be equally responsible for this child. See he was in the wrong he was still married when he started the relationship with you. Your relationship has been fast moving in its… 4 month span. However, please don’t be disillusioned because you are pregnant now. If it was you in the situation (which it very well could be in the future) you would try and protect your child and yourself financially as well. Two year old’s are such a wonderful little people aren’t they?! They are little bundles of energy and so cute to boot. I remember mine being that little and soon you will see yours growing and learning as well. My children are the best thing that ever happened to me and their father was the worst thing that ever happened to me. They were so very young when we divorced as well. They were very confused and wanted to be loved by everyone and loved everyone. My husband cheated and impregnated her as well. I handled it differently though. I didn’t want him anymore…good riddance. However, I needed the divorce and wanted primary custody. He and his disillusioned girlfriend thought they were the better choice for parenting the children and most likely are still disillusioned enough to believe they are. However, the judge disagreed with them and they get visitation rights. Now, my case most likely was different from your boyfriends at least I hope so for your sake. I am an abuse survivor and my ex is my abuser. It complicated the divorce. I just wanted my freedom from him…(hence the handle “freedomfighter”) but my freedom did not equal the kids freedom as well. After a year of supervised visitation he received his right to see the kids unsupervised. Once that is gained it is almost impossible for them to take it away. Lord knows we went to court over and over because my ex could not do right. See the sad thing is father’s have rights, mother’s have rights, and kids don’t really have rights. In the end, they are pure innocence and the most vulnerable in this long term tragedy called divorce.